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Greatfence.com sells Single and Double swing gates for residential, commercial, and industrial use.  Our customers use these aluminum swing gates for walkways, driveways, access to pools, and other applications.

What You Need

If you are looking to purchase an aluminum Single Swing Gate for the driveway at your home or business, you will need to actually purchase one of our Industrial Single Swing Driveway Gates  and either our Heavy Duty Gate Hinges (operator friendly) or the Industrial Self-Closing Gate Hinges (not operator friendly).

Greatfence.com Single Swing Driveway GateIndustrial Strength is Required

Because a Single Swing Driveway Gate is very large and has its load bearing supported only on one side (hence the name “single swing”), we’re only able to warranty our heaviest weighted gate — our industrial grade gate.  It has the largest vertical pickets and horizontal rails which ensure its integrity, yet it connects with ease to our residential fence panels.

Simple Mounting

Our aluminum Single Swing Gate can be “column mounted” to a house, building, wall or column using our Heavy Duty Gate Hinges or you may mount it to our 4” x 4” Gate Post.

It Doesn’t Look “Industrial!”

Greatfence.com "Industrial" Single Swing Driveway GateEven though our Single Swing Driveway Gate is industrial strength, it is a beautiful addition to your property.  We use a strong yet attractive “U Frame” for additional support on all Single Swing Gates wider than 6 feet and on all Double Swing Gates wider than 12 feet.  We don’t put ugly diagonal bracing in our gates like other brands.  So you’ll feel at home, safe and secure.

Maximum Widths available for Gates

Single Swing Gates:

  • Residential = 6 feet
  • Commercial = 8 feet
  • Industrial = 14 feet

Double Swing Driveway Gates:

  • Residential = 12 feet
  • Commercial = 16 feet
  • Industrial = 28 feet

Greatfence.com has you covered

Check out our flagship industrial grade single swing gates and order yours today.  It will beautify your boundaries for decades.  Whether you choose a Single Swing or Double Swing aluminum gate for your driveway, you’ll find everything you need, including exceptional pricing and service at Greatfence.com.