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Who has the time or the desire to maintain a fence or gate?   Very few people, we would imagine, based on the number of “low maintenance” products on the market.  When it comes to fencing, only aluminum and PVC/vinyl fences are considered “maintenance free.” Both are easy to install and are immune to water damage and corrosion.

So why should you choose aluminum fencing over PVC?  Here are several good reasons.

Aluminum Stands Up to Weather

While both Aluminum and plastic fences hold up well in rain and snow, sun and wind can damage plastic fences. Darker shades of PVC can become less rigid in high temperatures and may fade in intense sunlight.  Flexible, faded fences are not usually what homeowners or businesses want.

Sections of PVC fences can bend and twist in high winds due to the way panels are secured to one another.  Twisted panels don’t look very nice and certainly don’t provide a high level of security.dirty cracked vinyl fence

Some types of plastic fences are subject to mildew, especially if they are placed near sprinklers. While the mildew can be rinsed off (taking some of the “freedom” from maintenance free!), mildew can stain the plastic making it look dirty and dingy.  Scuff marks are also

Aluminum fence maintains its structural integrity in all weather conditions and is not subject to staining from mildew (or dirt, or “scuffing”).

Aluminum Fences Provide Security

Industrial_security_Fence_GreatfenceCommercial and industrial strength aluminum fence provides excellent security for office buildings, apartment complexes, parking lots and other commercial establishments. Combined with commercial and industrial gates, security and controlled access go hand in hand.

Residential grade aluminum fencing and pool fencing gates make intrusion a challenge, but keep owner access easy.

Aluminum privacy fences are a maintenance free solution for privacy and security of homes, along with commercial and industrial properties.

Plastic fences are not as secure as aluminum fences.  If security, durability and longevity is your objective, however, aluminum is clearly your better option.

Aluminum Fences are Recyclable

Although some types PVC can be recycled, not all types can or should be recycled. Research by The Grass Roots Recycling Network indicates that PVC recycling can pose a health hazard.

Aluminum fences, however, are much easier to recycle. Aluminum recycling is highly efficient, and recycled aluminum remains just as strong and durable as the original.

Aluminum Fences Beautify Property

ugly pvc/vinal fence
Not a beautiful sight…

When considering what type of fence to install, security and aesthetics are the two top priorities for the majority of homeowners and businesses.  Ornamental aluminum fences and aluminum gates add a level of sophistication and style and enhance the look of your home or commercial space.  Furthermore, they stay beautiful indefinitely without maintenance.

Aluminum privacy fences take beauty and security one step farther; they block visual as well as physical access.

This fence enhances the beauty of the landscape.

Maintenance and longevity are usually the next priorities for fence owners, and GreatFence.com’s aluminum fence products beat PVC/vinyl fences every time due to our lifetime warranty.

Visit GreatFence.com to see a huge selection of maintenance free aluminum ornamental and aluminum privacy fences and gates.  We think you’ll agree that aluminum fences from GreatFence.com will meet and exceed all of your priorities beautifully.