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Installing aluminum fence, gates, or signature handrails yourself is an economic way to enhance your property.  It may sound like a daunting task, but it is absolutely something you can do.

At GreatFence.com we have more testimonials like this one than we can count!

greatfence customer“Excellent quality and far superior than anything I saw at the local stores.  You have so many sizes and options; I was able to get exactly what I wanted….including the puppy pickets!”  Linda Norris  –  Lincoln, Nebraska

Comments like these from real people like you substantiate the fact that homeowners can (and do!) install their own aluminum fences. There’s no reason that you can’t too.  At GreatFence.com you’ll find high quality, American made aluminum fences and gates at excellent prices.  And, all of our products are 100% guaranteed to be maintenance free.

So, how do you get started?

First, measure the property where you plan to install your fence and/or gate.  As they say, measure twice, cut once… this is an important first step.

Next, read this post about how to pick an aluminum fence. It gives you all of the things you might wish to consider as you pick your style, design, color, and options.

Then, visit our website to finalize your choice and place your order.  You’ll find that ordering is a simple process because you’ll choose all of your options through our drop-down menus.  From finials, to “rings of distinction” and pet panels, you’ll design your fence through the process, and we know you’ll be thrilled with your choices.

Want to do a bit more research first? Visit our support center and look at our Glossary of Definitions, Specification Information and other pre-purchase documents.  Still have questions?  Contact us and we’ll talk you through your purchase.  Our sales staff is knowledgeable and friendly and is here to help you to be successful.

From start to finish you’ll find that we make it easy to order aluminum fences and gates, even if you have a rather complicated property!

man installing signature handrailWhen you are ready to install your aluminum fence you’ll find all of the information you need in our Service Center. We feature a downloadable general installation guide, a detailed manual, and guides for our locks, latches, and hinges.  You are not alone… consider this a team project with GreatFence.com as your coach.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a first time do-it-yourselfer you’ll love your GreatFence and will be so proud that you installed it yourself.  Drop us a line to share your story and we’ll add you to our customer reviews.