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We’re thawing out and springing into new aluminum fences for spring!

It may not seem like it yet, but a heat wave is headed your way! It’s officially Spring and even though in some places it may be a little icier than expected, the air is on its way to warming up, which means aluminum fence season is here! If you’ve been on the fence about, well, buying a fence, we’re here to tell you that Spring is the PERFECT time to nab that aluminum fence of your dreams! Here are our top reasons why post-winter is a GREAT idea for a GreatFence!

The Deep Freeze is OVER!

Greatfence in springWhich means the ground has (hopefully) thawed out by now! This makes for an easy install for your new GreatFence! Warmer temperatures, minus the scorching heat of summer? We think this sounds like the best time to buy!

Be A Good Neighbor

Crocus flowersRobert Frost may have said “Good fences make good neighbors” back in 1914, but we couldn’t agree with him more in 2014! Springtime brings about showers and flowers, but also neighbors that are tired of being indoors! Buying a residential fence in the spring ensures a peaceful season to come! Fences are a wonderful solution to block out noise as well as provide privacy. As much as you love the Millers, do you really want them gawking over the property line at your next BBQ? We think not! Be a good neighbor and buy yourself an aluminum privacy fence.

Contractor of Your Choice

When it comes to locking down the skill you need to help you install your new aluminum fence, spring is the best time to get first dibs on your favorite contractor! Summertime can be tricky (i.e. busy) because that’s when everyone gets around to last minute projects and long forgotten home improvement ventures. When you buy a fence in the early spring, you’re catching a contractor right before they get too busy to handle any more business!

Spring into your new GreatFence today and be the first on the block to enjoy sunshine the season! www.greatfence.com