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When it comes to installing a fence (or any home construction project) keeping your neighbors happy may seem impossible! There’s the noise, property lines and of course the varied differences in what “tasteful” and “eyesore” means. While these can be tricky waters to navigate, your relationship with the Smith’s is far from over. Follow these three, easy suggestions before you put you plan into action and end up with a gorgeous aluminum rust free fence and happy, supportive neighbors!

#1 Show Them The Plans

You may be thinking, why? This is MY aluminum fence, on MY property line, why would I have to ask my neighbor’s permission to install a fence? While you aren’t asking for permission, it is a suburban courtesy to include neighbors into plans that will undoubtedly be as much a part of their lives as yours.

When you include your neighbors, you aren’t saying this fence is here to keep you out, rather this fence is for us all to enjoy. Neighbors who are kept-up-to speed with plans complain less about construction and installation noise, and are less likely to call the city requesting permit checks. Since we all share a relatively small space, it’s a kind gesture that will ensure patient neighbors during the process.

#2 Walk ( But Don’t Cross) The Fine Line

SurveyorKnow thy property line. While you may hope that nobody notices that extra foot of space you’re gobbling up (I mean who notices 12 inches anyway?) you can be sure that your neighbor knows exactly where his property begins and yours ends. Installing an aluminum fence in your yard, but technically on his property is a surefire way to have the city called. That’s a fine you want to avoid. Make sure you get all proper permits and documentation from the city (and follow HOA rules) to avoid fights, fines and having to re-install or remove your aluminum fence.

#3  Common Sense of Taste

Aluminum-ornamental-fence-Greatfence.comWhile you may be installing residential fencing for yourself and your home, whether you like it or not your fence is now part of the neighborhood. It can either reflect well on you and your community, or make neighbors and guests cringe. Remember, your neighbors are going to be looking at this fence as much as you do, so make sure to pick a tasteful, attractive fence that your neighbors will love to look at! Always choose an aluminum fence so you don’t have to do the yearly maintenance (on both sides!)

At GreatFence.com all of aluminum fences are attractive, maintenance free and come in an array of tasteful colors. Your neighbors won’t just thank you for your choosing a GreatFence, they’ll want one for themselves! Check out our selection at www.greatfence.com