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There’s no doubt that we at GreatFence.com are proud of our beautiful, rust-free aluminum fences, but we also have a ton of other GREAT products that deserve their turn to bask in the spotlight.

Recently we were asked how we would suggest sprucing up a balcony and three, gorgeous little words came to mind: signature aluminum hand railings.
Whether you’re looking to add a touch of class to your familiar porch, or create a finished look on any walkway; our signature aluminum hand railings are the perfect choice for subtle, regal polish.

Need more convincing?  Here’s some of our favorite fun facts about our signature hand railings!

1. Quality Design

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We couldn’t call it a GREAT product, unless it matched our highest standards for quality craftsmanship and elegant design. Fitted with double channel rails and four optional designer top rails, this flagship product is classic enough for your residential projects, but strong enough for your toughest commercial property. Signature hand railings come in nine premium, powder coat colors for a perfect match! Strength and beauty? We’ll take it!

2. Rust Free

You’ll never have to worry about scraping the rust off your signature hand railings. Just like our popular aluminum fences, our signature hand railings are made out of rust-free, maintenance-free aluminum for a timeless look that lasts for all time!

 3. Versatility

greatfence customerAnywhere you need them, that’s where they work! Thanks to being ICC Compliant, our signature hand rails are the perfect choice for schools, hospitals, luxury homes, ramps or any high traffic area that would benefit from extra support without compromising style.

Are you envisioning where to put your new signature hand rails? Come see us at https://greatfence.com/deck-railing/ and reinforce your home or business with style.