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When it comes choosing a standout design for your aluminum fence, details are king! It only takes a small curve or ring to change an elegant but plain fence into a knockout piece the entire neighborhood will envy!

Ornamental Aluminum Rings

One of the easiest ways to accomplish originality and a distinct flavor with your GreatFence is to Aluminum Ringschoose optional ornamental aluminum rings. Our powder coated, metal rings are factory installed and individually set between the rails prior to packing, so your optional detail never looks like a tacky add-on.

Have a steep slope or hill to accentuate?

With ornamental aluminum rings, it’s all uphill from here! While you cannot “rack” an aluminum fence panel that has rings installed, you can stair-step any panel with rings! This creates an eye-catching look on any hill or slope, or can create depth and interest to a flat yard or area. Rings create a natural place for our eyes to rest, so it’s the perfect detail to any aluminum fence! Except for styles 3 and 8, of course. You can check out the details here.

Aluminum RingsWe’re so proud of this tiny detail partially because of the craftsmanship that goes into the design. While other brands simply screw each pair of rings to the vertical pickets, ours are individually set prior to painting. I know we’re repeating ourselves, but it makes such a difference it’s worth mentioning twice!

As always GreatFence.com products are always made in the U.S.A. and that includes all components (like rings). When you buy from GreatFence.com you can be sure you’re ordering the best and supporting quality American-made products. As one of our customers said best,

“ You carry a very strong, five-star product and it looks so nice and brings out the house!”

That kind compliment was from Sheila in Massachusetts. Thanks Sheila!

Be the next house that GreatFence.com helps stand out with ornamental rings! A small, easy add on for a huge impact that lasts!
Are you the proud owner of a GreatFence with ornamental rings? Let us know in the comments below!