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At GreatFence.com we’re proud to say that 100% of our products, including components and accessories are made in the U.S.A. But what does that really mean? Buying in the U.S.A. is more than just a pretty patriotic sentiment. Buying fence made in the USA supports our economy, ensures our safety, protects the environment and so much more!

Want to hear more? OK, you don’t have to twist our arm!

Here are our top 5 reasons why buying American is best!

1. You Protect The Safety Of A Foreign Worker

Buying American made products ensures that you’re supporting regulated and safe working conditions, honoring child labor laws and fair wage regulations.

2. Protect Our Jobs

This one seems like stating the obvious, but did you know that once a job crosses overseas we rarely (if ever) see that job return to the U.S.? When you buy American, you aren’t just protecting that single job right then and there, but that future of that job (and the American who needs it) for years to come.

GreatFence.com Supports teh NDPA3.  Safety First

How many times have we heard about the scary levels of toxins found in products sold here but manufactured overseas? We tend to hear the most horror stories when it comes to pet treats, food and toys for both kids and pets. How are these hazardous materials allowed? In the U.S., thanks to our strict safety standards, they’re not. Poisonous levels of lead and other toxins do make their way into the U.S. every year by overseas manufacturers, but if you’re diligent about buying made in America products, you know you’re protected.

recycle symbol4.  Better For The Environment

While it’s true that we all  could be a little greener on behalf of Mother Nature, when it comes to manufacturing pollution, the U.S. abides by much cleaner practices that releases less environmentally damaging toxins than in other countries.

5. Let Freedom Ring

When you purchase made in the U.S.A. you’re doing your part to protect America’s freedom by ensuring our ability to manufacture our own products and fuel our economy with those same products and jobs, without having to be dependent on international sources.

Purchasing American made products might take a little effort, a little research and maybe a few bucks more, but in the long run you’re protecting the land that we all love and the economy that we need!

Want to see more reasons why you should buy American? Check out one of our favorite lists compiled by www.madeinusaforever.com, a website dedicated to help easily connect consumers with American made products.


Feel like making a patriotic purchase now? Head on over to GreatFence.com and pick out a brand new aluminum fence to support several American workers today!

OK fine, shameless plug, you caught us 🙂