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kinds black aluminium fenceAre you curious about the different types of black aluminum fencing Great Fence has to offer? Aluminum fencing is one of the most popular choices for residential, commercial and industrial fences, and Great Fence offers superior quality so your property is well-protected. And while we offer a variety of colors to choose from, black is the most popular, so you can have the promised protection and security of a Great Fence product along with the elegant look of wrought iron. We have dozens of different styles and makes to choose from so that all of your tastes and preferences will be met.

Black Aluminum Fences for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties

Great Fence offers black aluminum fencing for all purposes. We have a wide selection of residential, commercial and industrial fences so whether your purpose is to have a beautiful enclosure for a garden, a security-based option for a public park, or both, we carry many options for you to choose from. And with Great Fence products, you’ll never have to compromise on beauty or security.

We have an excellent selection for household fencing needs. You can count on our residential fences for securing gardens, backyards, small ranches and swimming pools. If you need added protection and security for a commercial property, we have your needs covered. Compared to other companies, our commercial fences are made with 20 percent more metal built in, providing dependable strength and reliability. The panels have larger pickets and rails and eight metal support ribs in each rail to give your commercial property the added security it needs. There’s also an option to purchase a puppy pickets for any of our commercial fences. And if you’re looking for the ultimate security for a retail center, school, storage unit, hospital or high estate barrier, Great Fence has you covered. We also offer optional double pickets for added privacy and can create fences up to 10 feet high.

Style Choices for Your Black Aluminum Fence

Great Fence offers a wide variety of style choices for black aluminum fences. There are options for different top designs, pickets and spacing.

For your black aluminum residential fence, we have a large selection of top designs. We have classic spear, staggered spear or smooth-top with a spear. Also, there’s a basic smooth-top for a more linear appearance. For added elegance, there’s a Mediterranean top, which has a concave speared top, and a Crown Top Arc which has a convex speared top. Within the smooth-top and speared styles, you can also choose to have closer spacing between pickets for added privacy. Do you need a black aluminum fence to enclose a pool area at your home? There are two options for you to choose from and the choice of six different heights.

There are many style options to choose from for your commercial aluminum fence. Great Fence offers black aluminum fences with classic spear, staggered spear and a smooth top with a spear. There’s also a smooth-top, and the more decorative Mediterranean, with a concave speared top or Crown Top Arc, with a convex speared top. There are also many optional accessories for the black commercial fence that will give it unique characteristics. You can choose straight mount brackets, large scrolls, and horizontal and vertical swivel mounts for angles, hills, slopes and stairs. You can also choose to have rings set within many of the styles we offer. And quad or fleur-de-lis finials for an added touch of elegance.

For black industrial fences, you won’t have to compromise elegance for security since we still have different style options for you to choose from. Great Fence offers flat, speared, or a combination of both for industrial fence tops. This includes speared, staggered spear and flat-topped with spears. There’s also the plain flat top, convex spear top or concave spear top. Closer picket spacing is an option, and you can choose any height up to 10 feet for your industrial fence.

Whether you are looking a black aluminum fences to give the elegant appearance of wrought iron, or are considering it for durability, longevity and Great Fence’s lifetime guarantee, we can meet all of your needs and concerns for a high quality fence, be it residential, commercial or industrial.