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fence material bestAre you looking to purchase an industrial fence, but curious about which material to choose? There is a wide selection of materials to choose from such as aluminum, wood, vinyl, steel and wrought iron. With all of these options, it is important to note that each material comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. For many reasons, aluminum proves to be the superior choice for an industrial fence, but let’s take a closer look at how each stack up against aluminum fencing.

Wood vs. Aluminum

When building an industrial fence, aluminum has a lot more benefits to offer when compared to wood. While someone may be partial to the appearance of wood—-its grain and other inconsistencies give it charm—-it also requires a lot of cleaning, yearly staining, repairs and every so often, replacement. A wood fence is great for concealing a space, which is not likely the best choice for an industrial fence, where you may want to protect a space, but also have a clear view of the surroundings on both sides, to ensure safety. Aluminum fencing, being of a similar style to wrought iron, offers just that: protection and on-site visibility. It’s also more durable and requires no maintenance, repairing or repainting, unlike wood. There will also be no concern for splinters with an aluminum fence, and it saves a lot of money and time in the long run. It’s the superior choice where safety and durability are concerned as well.

Vinyl vs. Aluminum

When comparing aluminum with vinyl, aluminum wins for the best choice on building an industrial fence. Although there are some similarities, such as both fences need little to no maintenance and share a similar price range. Even so, aluminum is usually slightly more affordable. Since security is a key concern for an industrial fence, it’s important to note that aluminum wins here for strength and durability. Also, there are many more color choices to choose from as well.  Unlike aluminum, vinyl does not fare well for longevity.

Steel vs. Aluminum

Although steel is a more durable metal, which is great for industrial fences and areas that are targeted for break-ins, an aluminum fence can still be an excellent choice for deterring intruders and protecting property. Great Fence makes aluminum fencing that is even more durable than steel, and resists the harsh elements too. Steel is likely to have rust and corrosion problems from exposure to salty coastal air, but not an aluminum fence from Great Fence. Ours have a powder coating that ensures your aluminum fence will never need to be repainted, and will remain rust-free, guaranteed for life.  So, from salty coastal areas to harsh winter conditions, aluminum fences from Great Fence can endure. Also, Great Fence makes heavy-duty, maintenance-free industrial fencing that creates the ultimate barrier for high traffic areas, such as schools, hospitals, retail centers and storage units. They’re significantly lower in price compared to steel fencing and come in a wide variety of styles to suit different tastes and appearances.

Wrought Iron vs. Aluminum

Wrought iron is extremely elegant, durable and has great longevity, so how can aluminum top it for your choice of an industrial fence? To begin with aesthetics, an aluminum fence is the best option since it has the beauty and elegance of wrought iron, but is much, much easier to handle and install. Wrought iron is known for durability, but Great Fence’s aluminum fences are even more durable than wrought iron.  And finally, wrought iron will need maintenance over it’s lifetime, unlike Great Fence’s aluminum Fence, which has a 100 percent guarantee for life and will never need repainting.

Why Should You Choose Great Fence for Your Industrial Fence?

Why else should you choose an aluminum fence from Great Fence for your industrial fence? Because premium quality and service is what you’ll get from the time you place your order with Great Fence. Our aluminum fences are some of the best in the nation, and industrial fences are one of our specialties. All of our fences are 100 percent USA made in Michigan and come with a lifetime guarantee.  We promise durable fences that have longevity.  You aluminum fence from Great Fence won’t need repairs, re-painting or replacement. And your satisfaction is our priority.