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black-aluminium-fenceDo you need a fence to protect your property or add security to a particular area?

There are many fence choices out there, but let’s face it: some fences are ugly. That isn’t the case with our fences, however. Great Fence manufactures stunning black aluminum fences that will add elegance to even the most unappealing environments.

Why Choose Black for Your Aluminum Fence?

Black aluminum fences are the perfect choice for nearly every environment, whether it’s for a residential, commercial, or industrial property. For your home, our black aluminum fences can be used to secure gardens, backyards, small ranches, and swimming pools. For higher security areas such as schools, public parks, businesses, or hospitals, our black aluminum fences will convey a strong presence of security with elegance and style. Whether you need to close in a high-traffic area or create an elegant pathway up to your house, black aluminum fences are beautiful to look at and enhance the colors of the surrounding area. There’s no need to give up beauty for security. We pride ourselves on being able to offer both.

We Guarantee Your Black Aluminum Fence Will Stay Beautiful

With our black aluminum fences, you know that you’re investing in a beautiful product that meets the highest standards of quality. You’ll be happy to know that your fence will stay beautiful for many years to come and won’t require upkeep. With most other fencing materials, you’d be stuck maintaining, repainting, and repairing the fence year after year to keep it in shape. That’s not the case with our black aluminum fences because their elegance will never waver.

A Wide Variety of Styles for Every Preference

You can choose from many different styles and additional adornments for your black aluminum fence and customize your fence to suit your specific tastes and needs. In addition, there are many options for finishes, pickets, spacing, and the top designs.

We know that top design can greatly alter the look of a property, so we offer several choices. For residential fences, you can choose from a staggered spear, classic spear, or smooth-top fence with or without a spear. For added elegance, you can choose from the Mediterranean-style top, which has spears that form a concave top, or the Crown Top, which has spears that form a convex top. With some designs, you can opt for tighter spacing between the pickets for additional privacy.

For a commercial property, Great Fence offers the same great selection as our residential offerings so your business can stand out with elegance. You can choose from staggered spear, classic spear, or the smooth top with or without a spear. As with the residential choices, you can choose the decorative Mediterranean style, which has spears that form a concave top, or the Crown Top Arc, which has spears form a convex top.

Great Fence also has a wide selection of accessories for your black commercial fence that will add beautiful finishing touches. There are large scrolls, straight mount brackets, and vertical and horizontal swivel mounts. These accessories enable you to adjust your fence for hills, angles, slopes, and stairs. Embedded rings are also available for many styles. We offer fleur-de-lis and quad finials for added elegance.

When it comes to our industrial fences, you won’t have to give up appearance for security because Great Fence offers several elegant styles to choose from. The choices include the speared top, the staggered spear top, the flat-topped with or without spears, the concave speared top, or the convex speared top.

To complete the look of your black aluminum fence, you have two choices for finishes: glossy or satin. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about losing this elegant look over time. There’s no cracking, peeling or chipping because we use a specialized powder coating paint that is guaranteed to last for many years.


If you’re looking to add an elegant fence to your property, we have an excellent selection of black aluminum fences for all of your fencing needs. Our aluminum fences, which are 100 percent USA-made, are some of the best in the nation. We guarantee beautiful, long-lasting fences that will not need repairs, re-painting, or replacement. Your satisfaction is our priority.