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From the sign through every brochure, card, and invoice, your company’s brand depends on a consistent image. Savvy entrepreneurs, marketers, and designers watch for every opportunity to extend that visual message, and many people feel branding ends once they choose a few colors, pay for a logo, and design a website. Few people realize that a company’s building, office décor, and landscaping also send subtle messages and can be opportunities to support, solidify, or amplify a brand’s image. Could the same chain-link fence that surrounds the county jail also speak for your brand, or would you want more from the fence that introduces your clients to your business?

Impress Visitors

A commercial aluminum fence might not seem all that exciting. However, if a wrought iron gate or ornate iron fence has ever impressed you, a commercial aluminum fence can have that same impact on a company’s clients and guests. A new aluminum fence shows visitors that you’re willing to invest in your business. The accessories you choose for that new fence can communicate your company’s general atmosphere before a client parks their car and reflect the spirit that helped your company grow. Just like your logo, the right fence can remind people of an enjoyable experience or excellent customer service.

Modern Colors

The traditional black fence is neutral and can resemble the wrought iron fences surrounding ancient castles and private landscapes. It is also almost invisible, but it does little to make your company stand out. An aluminum fence doesn’t have to be black, so you can choose a color that works well with your brand’s color scheme. In this manner, you can take advantage of the psychological impact color can have on its viewers. A commercial fence can be white, bronze, sandstone, khaki, or hunter green instead of black. White traditionally signifies purity and new beginnings with simplicity, fairness and order, while gold represents luxury, opulence, and victory. Bronze encompasses the opulence of gold; the comfort, maturity, and reliability of brown and adds red’s passion, energy, excitement, and call to action. You can also order a fence that blends with your building’s facade or paint color. Sandstone and khaki are the most neutral, non-metallic color options and work well with stucco exteriors and modern architecture. Members of the green color family have been associated with growth and production, but hunter green’s depth hints at abundance through cultivation. When in doubt, remember that metallic tones are less likely to clash with other colors.

Some aluminum fence accessories serve dual purposes. Spires were once the neon signs of gothic churches from the 12th to 16th centuries. Seeing a spire in the distance meant salvation was near. On modern fences, spires are more often tools of intimidation and security. However, alternating spire styles can soften their spiky appearance while preserving their contemporary function: making the fence difficult to climb. To give an aluminum fence a wrought iron feel, consider adding scroll work to the fence’s pickets or gate. Posts can have standard post caps, but environmentally conscious businesses often add solar post lights. They can light a commercial parking lot’s perimeter or dark areas on your business property. You can light every post or alternate between the solar post lights and standard post caps. With color choices and accessories, your commercial fence will be associated with your company every bit as much as the company’s sign.