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choosing the right fence

The time has come to put up a fence around your commercial property and keep the outside world from looking in or to protect equipment and goods from being taken. How do you know which type of fencing is right for you and your business needs? Do you need industrial metal fencing of a specific height, or is a standard height sufficient? These questions and many others have to be addressed before determining which type of fence can meet your needs with the least amount of effort.

Take a Look at the Lay of Your Land

Making the decision to put up a fence is just the first step towards your goals. You also need to have a good idea of what you want the fence to do. Perhaps you want to have a fenced-off area to create a yard for parking equipment and vehicles, or maybe you want to surround your entire property with industrial metal fencing to prevent people from easily accessing the property when you don’t want them to enter. What you decide to do plays a major role in the cost of your fence, and if you have a budget, you might not be able to do everything you’d like.

If your budget won’t stretch to do what you want, consider getting creative and putting in fencing to protect the most important sections that need to be closed off. Sometimes it’s possible to set the fence up and then add to it later as the budget allows so you can close off the property over time. In the meantime, your most valuable items will be secured against trespass.

Protecting Property From Theft With a Security Fence

Industrial metal fencing comes with the option to leave a picket top with finials or unfinished, or with the top ends curved over and flanged at the ends to discourage climbers. The fencing is made from square aluminum rod, which allows for various different finishes at the top. If simply having a fence is considered to be enough of a deterrent, it’s possible to leave the top ends open. This finish offers passive protection because it is not the most comfortable surface for someone to climb over, dissuading casual trespassers from making the attempt.

In the event that a more aggressive form of security is needed, the top of the fence is curved outwards and away from the property at about a 51-degree angle. Finials with a round ball point are attached to the end to help deter someone from attempting to climb over the fence. Angling the top of the fence outwards and away from the property is another passive method of providing security because it is difficult for a trespasser to hang onto the fence while trying to swing their body over it. It also alleviates the business from the risk of lawsuit from someone who gets injured on the fence because there’s nothing sharp or aggressive in the method of deterrent.

Solid Construction Means Decades of Property Protection

An industrial metal fence that is made from heavy-gauge aluminum bars offers the toughest and strongest security fence possible. Powder coating the fence adds in corrosion resistance and increases the lifespan of the fence. There is no need to worry about an exploitable weakness for years to come with this type of fence, and it gives you peace of mind knowing that the fence can withstand most attempts to breach it.