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As you search for fencing options to keep your pets safe, one of the most reliable and affordable types of fencing around is aluminum fencing. When the goal is to keep your pets contained, aluminum fencing is the most versatile option. Especially when you have a large yard that you want your pets to have full range of, aluminum fencing is the best option when you are considering price.

Low Maintenance Aluminum Fencing

With the new finishes available for aluminum fencing, you won’t have to worry about painting your fences again. The finish will last for years, and aluminum fences are virtually maintenance free. You can create a large play area for your pets using fencing materials that match the exterior of your home. You don’t have to go with simple aluminum, there are finishes in a variety of earth tones that will look great in your back yard.

Give Your Pets Freedom to Run Around

While a dog run works great for a dog when you don’t have a fenced in yard, this is not optimal for your dog. When you give your dog plenty of space in which to roam and play throughout the day, you are providing your dog with a secure playground and not simply a path up and down the side of your yard. Dogs need plenty of exercise, and fencing in your yard will give your dog the exercise it needs on a regular basis.

Aluminum Gates Look Great

Aluminum fence designs have come a long way, and the variety of gates available for aluminum fencing look great. You don’t have to have a gate that looks simply industrial and functional. You can get a get that adds flair to your yard, yet still provides the security you need to keep your pets safely inside the back yard. You can choose from a number of designs, and you will be surprised at the options available to you. With the affordability of aluminum gates, you can add in gates where you may not have been able to before.

When you have a beautiful backyard that you want the whole family to enjoy, fencing it in using aluminum fencing is an excellent idea. When you have pets and you want them to spend time in the yard with you, without having to worry about their safety, fencing in the yard is the best way to go. While you can tie your dog out on a leash, it’s easier for you to simply open the door and let the dog out to enjoy the back yard.

When you need a fencing solution and you aren’t sure where to turn, aluminum fencing is your most affordable option. When you have a large yard and you want to create a safe place for your pets, it’s time to contact an aluminum fencing specialist in your area to talk about your choices.

2 Optional Puppy Pickets (puppy picket) Styles

In addition to having 8 fence and gate styles to choose from for puppy pickets modification, GreatFence.com has 2 optional styles for your puppy pickets:  Spear Point and Flat Top. The Spear Point Puppy Pickets means the short pickets are exposed within your fence panel or gate.  The Flat Top Puppy Pickets means the short pickets end at a connecting horizontal rail (see picture above).  Both are popular and the choice really comes down to personal preference.