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9 different aluminum fence colorsAluminum fencing comes in a variety of colors. You can select a color to complement your property or define a space. Don’t forget to check with your homeowner’s association if you have one to ensure the fence you choose meets its guidelines. It’s also a good idea to talk to your neighbors if your fence will be shared between your properties.

Tips for Selecting a Fence Color

Look around your property for cues to select the right fence color. You can complement brightly colored flowers with a hunter green aluminum fence. Bronze, khaki or tan match well with earth tones, as does hunter green. The latter color matches superbly with surroundings that feature abundant trees or greenery. Neutral colors can blend in with trees and shrubs to create the illusion of a boundless area, as if the earth and sky blend together without interruption. The other advantage of neutral colors is to set off a landscape feature as a focal point. For example, a brightly colored tree or shrub will easily stand out against a natural color.

Consider a color that contrasts with the surroundings to add some spice to an area. You can get an idea of how this will look by taking a photograph of the area where you will be installing your fence. Print out a few copies and draw fencing in various colors on the photos. That should give you an idea of what might work.

Look at your home or office building for ideas. For example, match its trim with a fence in a similar color to define the space and accent your property. Sandstone, bronze or gold might blend in with the outdoors on a patio or around a back yard.

It’s Hard to Go Wrong with the Basics

You can never fail with basic fence colors such as black or white. If you might be selling your property at some point, you don’t want to make a bold statement that could dissuade a potential buyer. Talk to a realtor in your area for tips on fence colors.

A white aluminum fence can give your property a timeless, classic appeal. It’s not too brash, yet it stands out more than any other color. The white picket fence is an American classic. It’s a perfect color with a traditionally styled home, such as a colonial or a cottage. You can match this color with a white-trimmed house for smashing results. A white fence is fantastic to set off a formal garden, and it has a wonderfully clean look. If it’s too bright, plant some roses or other plants that can weave their way through the fence and soften the colors.

A black aluminum fence conveys a formal look to a property. A black aluminium fence in particular resembles traditional wrought iron fencing. This is a good choice for commercial or industrial applications and security fences. Black blends in with the background more than some colors. This tends to soften the boundary and blend in with the surroundings. A black aluminum fence is particularly appropriate in areas where overcast weather is common. A black fence can set off garden greenery because it is unobtrusive yet bolder than a natural color.