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commercial industrial and residental fences
How can you decide which type of metal fencing panels are best for you? Depending on your needs, you can select from residential, commercial or industrial fence panels. Each has its own specifications and uses.

The Basics

Residential aluminum fence panels are perfect for applications around most homes. You can use these panels for yards, gardens or swimming pools, for example.

Pool fencing is subject to specific requirements, depending on local building codes. BOCA-compliant pool fencing requires 45 inches between horizontal rails. Pickets must be spaced at less than 4 inches. The gate must be a minimum of 48 inches high, open away from the pool, and be self-locking. The latch must be 54 inches or more from the ground. Always check with your local authorities for pool fence requirements.

Commercial fence panels are sturdier than residential fencing, and they are made with larger pickets, larger rails and a thicker gauge of material. The panels have bigger pickets and rails than residential fence panels. Each rail has eight metal support ribs for additional strength. These panels are made for retail applications and other high traffic applications. Commercial fence panels also offer added security for swimming pools.

Industrial aluminum fence panels provide the ultimate protection. They are extra strong for security in high-traffic situations. These panels are best for hospitals, schools, large estates, retail centers and storage facilities, to name a few.

The Details

Most residential metal fencing panels have pickets spaced 3-13/16” apart, although some styles have twice the pickets with tighter spacing. Residential fence panels come in various styles. Some have spears atop pickets, while others have a flat top. They are sold in a number of colors, with both flat and semi-gloss finishes, depending on the shade. Several types of finials are available. These are decorative figures that add style to a fence. Rings add another design element at the top of the fence. You can also add scrolls both at the fence’s top and midway up on pickets. Dog panels are popular options that are available with certain styles. These add half-space pickets at the bottom portion of a fence panel to keep your furry friends from squeezing through the fence. A security screen adds the ultimate security. This rust-free screen is attached to a fence panel or gate on a sturdy frame.

A standard commercial fencing panel has pickets at 3-5/8” intervals. This is 3/16” tighter than a residential fence panel. Some styles of commercial fence panels have 1-1/2” picket spacing for extra security. You can order commercial fencing with options similar to those for residential fencing. Affix spears or other finials, for example, to add an additional layer of security to your commercial-grade fence.

Industrial-grade metal fence panels offer the ultimate in security. Pickets typically have intervals of 3-11/16”. These aluminum fence panels help to keep unauthorized individuals where they belong: outside. You can purchase industrial fencing at heights of up to 10 feet. Choose speared tops to form an additional deterrent to entry. You can order custom-made fence panels with double the number of vertical pickets. Industrial fencing fights corrosion and other deleterious effects of weather so you can relax and feel secure. Aluminum fence panels have low density, offering strength and low weight. You can install them yourself with minimal experience, saving your company or organization money.