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It is not that hard to install an aluminum fence. You’ll save money, and your fence will require virtually no maintenance.
If you’re remotely handy around the house, you should seriously consider installing your own aluminum fence. You’ll find the aluminum fence cost to be generally quite competitive, and once installed, you can forget about it because it will virtually take care of itself.

Should You Install Your Fence Yourself?

The vast majority of our customers install their fences themselves, and it is the first experience installing a fence for most of them. Unlike some other types of fences, aluminum fence panels and gates are designed for self-installation. There is no need for a crew of carpenters and laborers to trundle about heavy materials and build a fence from scratch.

Start with the installation manual that is available on our website. This provides all the information you need to prepare to install your aluminum fence. If you have questions, just call us for support. We recommend self-installation if you have someone who can assist you. If you would prefer not to do it, you should be able to hire a handyman in your area to do the work. Once you’ve determined the required materials, you can calculate your aluminum fence cost and place your order.


Post installation is one of the biggest tasks in installing an aluminum fence. You need to dig holes and cement the posts into place. Order our welded plates if you need to mount your fence to a surface such as a deck or porch. The post product pages on our website indicate the post lengths needed for various fence panel heights. You’ll need holes of at least 6” diameter for posts up to 2.5” square and at least 8” for posts from 3” to 4” square. The amount of cement you use will depend on the hole depth and diameter. The cement bag should have a chart to help you determine this.

You may need to terminate a fence at a wall or column, or perhaps you want to use your own wood posts. You can purchase straight mounts or horizontal swivel mounts for these purposes, and we even have vertical swivel mounts for stairs and slopes. These mounts are also useful if you’re connecting aluminum fence panels of various heights or if you’re racking panels in a sloped installation.

Gate and Fence Installation

It is best to install gates before fencing panels. Set your posts and then attach the gate. After that, you can start to mount the fence panels. Set your gate so you have about ¾” of space between the gate and the post.  (Larger gates using our heavy duty hinge require more spacing.)  This ensures proper gate operation. Check the spacing carefully before determining the location of any gate holes. Position the hinges and drill the holes, and then fasten the gate using the provided screws.

Once the posts are set, you will insert the fence panel in the slot in each post. Use the included self-tap screws to make the connections through posts and horizontal rails. Check for proper alignment at least after installing every four sections. You may have to cut a section with a hacksaw if you don’t need an entire 6’ section of fencing. In this case, you must cut a notch to make the connection with the post.

That’s it in a nutshell. Take some time to study the installation manual and you should be able to easily install your aluminum fence.