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When you order aluminum fencing panels, it is easy to include a double-swing gate to secure your driveway. Aluminum is light and strong, which makes it great for a large gate, and you can choose from a number of colors that match your fence. GreatFence.com has aluminum driveway gates for sale in many attractive styles, and you can select from several useful options.

Residential double-swing gates come in styles to match your chosen fence. You can select a flat or nearly flat top or get an estate gate that adds elegance along with increased security.


If you haven’t upgraded, your order for double-swing gates up to 12 feet comes with two pairs of standard gate hinges. Use the heavy-duty gate hinge for wider gates. This matches your gate color and includes receivers, a J-bolt, a plate and bushings. With this hinge, you can swing your gates in either direction.

The self-closing gate hinge incorporates an internal spring that automatically swings the gate closed.  The self-closing hinge has adjustable tension. It’s made from molded, reinforced polymer, is UV-stabilized and is self-lubricating. It won’t rust, bind, stain or sag.

Locks and Latches

You can select from a number of locks and latches for our aluminum driveway gates for sale.

The Lokklatch is a general-purpose latch. Made from polymers and stainless steel, it will not rust. Like all Lokklatches, it comes key-lockable and can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. With the Lokklatch, you will not have an unsightly padlock hanging on your gate. It fits all of our gates.

The Lokklatch Deluxe locks automatically when the gate closes and requires a key to open. It has a detachable polymer push rod, and multiple units can optionally be keyed alike so you don’t have to carry a bunch of keys for multiple gates. It’s highly polished and won’t rust.

The Lokklatch Magnetic is a fully adjustable, self-latching lock that you can mount without milling, drilling holes or welding. It has dual six-pin cylinders that you can re-key. It is designed with ergonomics in mind, requiring just a 45-degree turn of the handle to open it. It can be operated with one hand and has a lever handle on both sides of the gate. This convenient lock will self-latch even when locked. It accommodates gate movement and sag, and it won’t jam when closing. It has no visible fasteners and requires just one drilled hole for installation.

The LokkBolt is a locking, stainless steel drop bolt that is perfect for double-swing gates. It includes bolt-retention grooves so the bolt won’t strike or drag across your driveway.

Custom Gate Sizes

We supply gates in non-standard widths. Residential double-swing gates are available up to 12 feet wide. If you need a width we don’t sell as standard, you just need to measure the daylight opening measurement (DLO). To determine your DLO, measure from inside to inside of the surfaces to which you will mount your gate, such as two gate posts. Order the next larger standard gate size and note on your order the DLO you require. We’ll do the rest.