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GreatFence.com offers aluminum fence panels in three grades. Residential fence panels are great for homes. Commercial aluminum fence panels are more substantial and are perfect for retail operations and some lighter commercial uses with higher traffic. The ultimate security demands industrial metal fencing. The heaviest, most substantial fencing we offer, industrial aluminum fence panels are meant for heavier traffic and enhanced security. Typical users are hospitals, retail shopping centers, storage facilities, industrial operations and schools. Industrial fencing can seal out all but the most determined intruders.

Security fencing improving your life

A Matter of Style

Industrial metal fencing panels offer substantial security, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t attractive. When you compare them to a typical chain-link security fence, the difference is clear. Over time, chain-link fences can corrode or rust, while industrial aluminum fence panels look as good as new.

You can purchase these fencing panels in a variety of styles. These include standard flat tops, spear tops, staggered spears, concave spears, convex spears and flat top with spears. Spear tops offer an additional layer of protection from any attempts to climb your fence.

You can also choose a flat top or spear top with double pickets for a close spacing of 1-1/2 inches. Also available is a flat top with a bottom flush to the ground. You can choose a fence up to ten feet high for maximum protection, and you can custom-order double vertical pickets.

You can add a security mesh to commercial fence panels. This is factory-welded to a sturdy frame, which is bolted onto the fence. Curved pickets are popular with those desiring enhanced security. The tops of these pickets open outward at a 51-degree angle to deter climbers. This has the advantage of looking much better than other solutions, such as chain-link fencing topped with barbed wire.

Installation and Maintenance

Unlike other materials, industrial aluminum fence panels will stand up to the elements and require little maintenance. Steel and wrought-iron fences are subject to rust and corrosion, while wood requires periodic treatment. Aluminum doesn’t corrode. In addition, aluminum fence panels are not painted. Color is applied by a powder coating process that requires no upkeep.

Compared to the alternatives, industrial aluminum fencing is much easier to install. It comes in panels, so you don’t need to assemble the fence from scratch. Panel widths are easily trimmed on-site when you need to complete runs.

Posts are pre-punched for easy panel insertion and installation.  Aluminum fence panels are sturdy yet lightweight, so it’s easy to maneuver them during installation. You can purchase swivel mounts if you need to install your aluminum fence panels at odd angles.


You can purchase industrial aluminum gates for driveways and entranceways. Single-swing gates are available up to 14 feet wide, and double-swing gates are available up to 28 feet wide. A variety of locks and latches provide the convenience and security you expect. You can key these locks with the same key so you won’t need to lug around a clutch of keys for your various entryways.