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You may still be experiencing cool days, but that will change before you know it. Install an aluminum fence around your pool now, and you can start the outdoor season with peace of mind, knowing that your pool area is safe. With a pool fence, you have several types of security. A fence protects you, your family and your guests when swimming. It protects the pool area from intruders when you’re not using it. Finally, and most importantly, an aluminum fence prevents small children from entering when unaccompanied, which can avoid drowning accidents.

Aluminum fence panels are great for pools. Most homeowners can install an aluminum fence without hiring expensive contractors. At most, you will need someone handy with tools, and they cost much less. Aluminum fence panels are strong but light, so they’re easy to work with and sturdy once installed.

Pool Fence Regulations and Requirements

Pool fences are subject to regulations for safety reasons. In addition, if you have a homeowners association, you may have to deal with its regulations. These typically deal with esthetic issues. Check with your homeowners association along with your local government. You don’t want to build a fence and then learn that you need to alter or remove it because of an unanticipated rule or regulation.

What’s a BOCA?

Pool fencing from greatfence.com meets the BOCA code. BOCA is the acronym for the Building Officials Code Administrators International, Inc. The BOCA code for pool fencing sets out specific criteria to ensure that fencing is safe, and specifically, that it is designed to prevent small children from entering a pool area and risking drowning.

The BOCA code has the following requirements: The height of the fencing and the gate must be at least 4 feet (48”). The horizontal rails on a fence must be at least 45” apart. The point here is to eliminate possible footholds that could aid a child in scaling the fence. The code requires vertical pickets to be spaced at intervals smaller than 4”. This is close enough to prevent small children from squeezing through. The fence’s bottom rail must be close to the ground, specifically 4” or less. The code ensures that gate latches are high enough that small children can’t reach them. Latches must be 4-1/2 feet (54”) from the surface or greater. Any gates must be both self-closing and self-locking. Gates must open in the direction away from the pool.

Aluminum Fence Panels are Perfect for Pools

As you can see, aluminum fence panels have many benefits. Besides being easy to install, aluminum fence panels are quite strong and also light. Aluminum doesn’t corrode, either. This is an important attribute in a pool fence. Moreover, aluminum deals well with temperature fluctuations. It is not too brittle when the weather turns cold, yet it’s strong under the hot summer sun.

Optional Features for Enhanced Safety

Your aluminum fence will be quite safe, but you can make it even safer with the addition of a self-latching Magna Latch gate lock. This has the advantage of being lockable with a key. The self-latching device extends over the top of the fence so small kids can’t get to it.