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Aluminum Fence Swivel Mounts horizontal_swivel_mounts_2
While lots of yards are bounded by nothing but 90-degree angles, yours might not be one of them. That’s not a problem. Unless the angle is incredibly extreme, you can use our horizontal swivel mounts to erect aluminum fence panels to fit it. These flexible mounts make it easy to work with angles.

Hail the Swivel Mount

The key to accommodating angles is the horizontal swivel mount. These flexible mounts make it very simple to put up aluminum fence panels in pretty much any configuration. Our horizontal swivel mounts are cast from an aluminum alloy that will not rust. Furthermore, these mounts are sold in the same colors as our fence panels, so your fence will look great.

Note that we are talking here about horizontal swivel mounts. We also sell vertical swivel mounts, which are used to run fence panels along slopes. Be sure to get the right mounts for your application.

You can use our horizontal swivel mounts by themselves to make many angles, and you can make all but the most extreme angles if you use two in combination. We design our swivel mounts so that you can mount them to any surface, so you’re covered if you need to attach them to a blank post, column, or the wall of a building. Note that these swivel mounts are not made to work with pre-punched posts. Keep this in mind when you design your fence project and order the materials.

When you order a swivel mount, we toss in a pair of Tek screws. Use these stainless-steel screws for securing a blank post and the swivel mount. These screws may not work when mounting to other surfaces, such as walls, in which case you should buy some longer anchor screws locally. It’s best to just wait for your delivery and assess the situation before buying additional materials.

You will need two swivel mounts for each horizontal rail in your fence panels. The number of these rails can vary depending on the style of fence you’ve ordered. If you have three horizontal rails, you’ll have to get six swivel mounts per panel. Similarly, you should get four swivel mounts for an aluminum fence panel with two horizontal rails.

If you’re making a very small angle that is smaller than 10 degrees, you do not need to use mounts; our prepunched line, corner, and end posts allow you to angle our aluminum fence panels slightly, prior to setting them.


Swivel Mounts can be mounted to one side of your post or to both sides of your post.  Each side, that is each mount-to-post connection, gives you up to about 35 degrees of angle, so you can get up to around 70 degrees mounting swivel mounts on two sides of a 4-sided post.

Remember that end posts aren’t going to work to make angles with horizontal swivel mounts. That’s because they’re pre-punched near the top, which prevents you from properly aligning swivel mounts on one of the other three sides because of the post cap.  Always use blank, non-punched posts with swivel mounts for angles.