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8 foot tall industrial fence

You can achieve the greatest security with industrial aluminum fence panels. These are also best to meet the wear and tear of high-traffic areas.

We sell three grades of aluminum fence panels. Our residential fence panels are great for most homes. For retail applications and other higher-traffic situations including light industry, you can order our commercial aluminum fence panels. Industrial aluminum fence panels are designed to stand up to the rigors of a high-traffic environment. These also offer the best security. These fence panels are meant for properties such as retail centers, storage units, hospitals and schools.

Industrial fencing is easily the best option when it comes to security, especially with the options you can add, such as curved pickets and spears. Industrial fence panels will keep out almost any casual intruder.

Style Points

You don’t have to give up good looks to have security. Industrial aluminum fencing offers a formidable barrier to intruders, and it also looks good. You don’t have to put up a chain-link fence topped with ugly barbed wire. Looking down the road a year or two, a chain-link fence is likely to show corrosion or rust, while aluminum looks as good as it ever did. We design our fences to show some style while requiring little maintenance.

We offer a number of styles in our industrial fence panels. You can get a flat top on your fence, or you can top it with something that will help repel climbers, such as spears. You can get convex or concave spears, staggered spears, or even a flat top with spears; the choice is yours. All of these options help keep unauthorized individuals out of your facility.

For added security, order double pickets with spear tops or flat tops. These are spaced a mere 1-1/2 inches apart. You can order a flat-top fence that runs flush to the surface. You can order our fences at heights up to 10 feet to suit your needs.

Industrial fence panels can also be ordered with a security mesh. We weld this to a durable frame at our factory, and this is bolted to the fence from the inside. Top your fence with curved pickets to repel intruders. These face out at a 51-degree angle. Who wants ugly barbed wire when you can have this instead?

Installing and Maintaining Industrial Aluminum Fencing

Industrial aluminum fencing easily outshines the competition when it comes to installation and maintenance. We know aluminum is durable and virtually maintenance-free. Clearly, wrought iron and steel are going to corrode over time. A wood fence can require attention almost as soon as it’s installed. In contrast, aluminum is not subject to corrosion and it needs very little attention after installation. Another advantage is that our fence panels are colored by a powder-coating process and aren’t painted, so you will never see flaked paint on our fences.

Industrial aluminum fencing is relatively simple to install. First, you put your fence up one panel at a time instead of building from scratch. It’s easy to trim panels to finish runs. Except in special cases, you can use our pre-punched fence posts.

Our lightweight aluminum fence panels are easy to move around during installation. Our system is designed for versatility. It’s not a big deal if you need to run your fence up a slope, or if you have odd angles in your layout. It’s all about simplicity and versatility.