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Small changes to your fence, such as adding scrollwork or accessories, can create a completely different overall look, giving your fence a distinct personality.

From antique furniture to royal emblems to ironwork on the doors of Notre Dame, scrollwork as an ornamental accessory has long been a top choice to add a decorative dimension to an object. Why not add this décor piece to your home by adding scrollwork to your aluminum fence?

Large ScrollsThe main duty of a fence at your home is to section off your yard while complementing your outdoor décor. Fences come in a variety of looks and materials, with aluminum being the most affordable, sturdy and long-lasting option. With simple additions, your aluminum fence can be jazzed up in a subtle, beautiful way with a touch of elegant history.

Scrollwork gets its name because of the circular, scroll-like pattern that usually accompanies either end of the design. The fluidity of the lines adds a tranquil flow to each scroll, but when viewed as a whole piece of art, these lines create a beautifully powerful statement. Although the origins of scrollwork can’t be determined with certainty, it is thought to have been popularized by Greek art and revived by Chinese potters. Today, scrollwork is most often linked to Gothic architecture as well as the S-shaped scrolls on antique furniture.

Butterfly scrolls add a simple elegance

The size and location of each aluminum fence panel surrounding your home may help determine how you want to decorate the fence with scrollwork. A beautiful butterfly scroll can fill in the blank space between the pickets and adds a soft, regal feeling to the look of the fence. Depending on the color and finish, the butterfly scroll can make your fence stand out or blend in – it’s up to you!

Larger estate scrolls for a bolder fence

Another bit of pizzazz you can add to the pickets are large estate scrolls between each aluminum fence panel. The width of the pickets determines your choice for scrollwork, so keep this in mind when choosing a fence. If you know you want large scrollwork for a stately look, choose panels that are wide enough for the estate scrolls to fit.

Add some custom work to your fence

You may also want to add a personal touch to your fence with a custom inlay at the center of the entrance to your fence. These inlays complement fences with scrollwork and bring the whole picture together. The sky is the limit with custom work and depends entirely on what look you want for your fence.

A popular choice for homes is lettering to denote the home owner’s name or perhaps an animal associated with the area of the home. Similar to the scrolls, a custom inlay is a simple addition to the fence that has the ability to add a bit of style and depth to the look of the home.

Ornamental ironwork can be seen all around Europe and the United Kingdom on churches, royal emblems and dwellings, and other buildings of interest. It is now easier than ever to give your home this same unique look with affordable aluminum fences and the plethora of décor choices available. The hardest part will be choosing which option suits you and your home the best!