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aluminum fence wind testedDon’t let Mother Nature wreak havoc on your fence.

Choose the right material and design to keep your business or home safe and secure from the elements. Man-made items can’t always stand up to the full force of Mother Nature.

However, with aluminum fences, you have the best chance of still having a solid fence after a hurricane or windstorm strikes.  This is because of the strong, durable material and coatings that come with each picket of the fence.

Depending on what type of aluminum fence you choose, you can really heighten your chances of having no damage after bad weather hits your area.

Residential vs. Commercial vs. Industrial

The choice of what type of aluminum fence to have installed isn’t as complicated as it might seem. It really depends on the purpose of the fence. If you are looking for a fence for your home, a basic residential aluminum fence will be just fine. Residential fences come with rust-free and waterproof coatings and can withstand normal weather.  Aluminum is quite resilient.

If you are looking to put a fence around your business, larger residence or apartment complex, you may find a commercial aluminum fence to be the right choice for you. Commercial fences are heavier and larger.  This helps withstand high-traffic areas and keeps your business protected.

If you haven’t already guessed it, industrial aluminum fences are even bigger and sturdier than commercial fences.  Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean the fence is incredibly tall or long; it is the pickets and rails themselves that are larger.  Larger pickets and larger rails made with a thicker gauge aluminum increase the support and resilience of the fence as a whole.

Whatever Mother Nature throws at you

Depending on where you live, there can be intense weather events like hurricanes or tornadoes all year round. If you’re worried about how your aluminum fence will hold up to high winds and debris that is hurled through the air, you may want to consider certain types of fences for your place of business.

Opting for an industrial or commercial aluminum fence means you are getting a larger, stronger fence, so you shouldn’t need to worry about most weather events that come your way. The point of having a fence around your place of business is most likely to keep unwanted guests out and to secure your property. Therefore, one consideration when choosing a fence is what type of lock and accessories you might want to reinforce the fence. Remember that a fence can be strong, tough and sturdy, but if the lock is easily injured by intense weather, the area will no longer be secure. Choosing accessories that match the intensity of your fence will help with whatever the weather throws at you.

The design of aluminum fences is what really helps in the fight against high winds. The pickets are spaced at the right distance to allow wind to go right through them. Even with mesh accessories around the doorways and gates, the strong material and well-constructed panels of aluminum fences can withstand much more than any other type of fence. Whatever you choose, know that you’re making the right choice for your home, business, and any weather that comes your way when you go with aluminum.