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Aluminum Fence Panel with puppy pickets addedYou might wonder why installing puppy pickets / short pickets on your fence is important if you don’t have a dog, but the added benefits make these extra panels worth it.

Many dog owners will quickly see the importance of puppy pickets on an aluminum panel fence. These tight pickets on the bottom of a fence help keep your family pet safely in the yard. If you don’t currently have a dog or other outdoor pet, you might not see any reason to add these so-called “puppy pickets” to your fence. However, in addition to protecting dogs, these panels give an excellent look to your fence and keep unwanted critters out.

Keeping your pet safe

Dog panel / short pickets have a space of approximately one and a half inches between the pickets on the bottom section of the fence or gate. This lower area will be sectioned off with a bar straight across holding the pickets together, or each picket can have a fancy top for a different look. The small space between the pickets keeps your dog in your yard and also protects it from other dogs or animals entering. Moreover, your already-sturdy aluminum panel fence becomes even sturdier with a heavier bottom due to the added pickets. This helps in high wind situations and adds to the overall durability of your fence. If you don’t have a whole fence to worry about, puppy pickets / short pickets can also be part of an aluminum gate for added pet protection.

Dog panel aesthetic

Adding puppy pickets to your aluminum panel fence creates a lovely aesthetic that can actually be the reason you choose this style of fence in the first place. The look of the extra pickets on the bottom half gives an added element that can be considered quite attractive. This is especially true if you choose pickets that have spear tops or finials for a more lavish look. Mesh and chain-link fences are not made to be aesthetically pleasing while keeping your pet safe, but puppy pickets on an aluminum fence create a safe space with added dimension and intrigue. It’s hard to tell that the point of these panels is for pet safety, making them a great addition even if you don’t have a pet. In addition, choosing puppy pickets for your new fence can help with resale value in the future if you happen to sell your home to a dog lover.

Protect your garden

Not only are you protecting your dog, but you’re also protecting your home and garden with puppy pickets. Depending on where you live, there may be various neighborhood animals that can enter your property and wreak havoc on your garden. If a predatory animal really wants to enter and eat your freshly grown vegetables, they might eventually find another way, but why not have a first line of defense if you can? What you want to stay in your yard will stay in, and what you want to keep out will have a better chance of staying out.

Always make sure this optional configuration is compliant with your neighborhood rules, especially if there’s a pool involved.

Keep these benefits in mind when choosing your aluminum fence, even if you don’t currently own an outdoor pet. Family dynamics change, and it might be better to think of the future now when making such a big decision about your home and yard. Whatever you choose, your aluminum fence is sure to be a beautiful and sturdy choice for your yard.