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Large buildings can look a bit bland. Instead of going all out on a drastic, eye-catching building addition, why not try a new fence color instead?

Brick-and-mortar buildings are made to be structurally sound and purposeful while also making the best use of the available space on a lot. However, these business buildings can come across as boring from the outside, especially when there is a lot of industrial metal fencing around the perimeter. The good news is that a strong, secure fence does not have to be unattractive. If your business or large property could use some sprucing up, perhaps you can give the outside of it a face-lift of sorts with a new aluminum fence in an eye-catching color and striking accessories.

Bold and beautiful

aluminum-fence-panelsOn the topic of aluminum fence colors, bright and gaudy colors are not the norm. Neon colors do make a statement, but not the right one for a place of business. Instead, bold, rich colors such as satin bronze or deep green can make your place stand out slightly on the block without sending the wrong message. While you can decorate your fence with lovely scrolls, specific picket design choices or arches, the color choice is what really makes your design pop and either stand out or blend in, depending on the look you desire.

A popular choice to add a bit of pizzazz to a property is to have a darker color on the bulk of the fence and then add gold finishing on the top of the pickets with different colored finials or spears. If you have an embellished gate with a designer inlay, the choice of two colors would complement it nicely. Having a different color on the top of the gate brings the gaze up to the place of business, framing the area instead of pointing out the industrial fence between you and the building. Again, it all depends on what you want for the look of your property.

Landscaping matters

The decision of what color to choose for your fence depends on the landscaping surrounding your building, including any plants, trees, walkways, and other features. You may also have an entrance gate that is designed specifically for the business, including a colorful logo that must look a certain way. Thankfully, rich, deep colors and natural, nude colors both complement a wide variety of shrubbery and specific logos. Depending on what accessories you choose with your fence—spear tips, a sunburst arch, expanded metal mesh detailing—you may want your fence to stand out instead of blending in. While natural colors will help industrial metal fencing blend into surrounding green landscape, a fence in a bold, glossy black or bronze can showcase the fence and create a strong, stately look for your business.

Industrial metal fencing is strong, sturdy, and does the job right, but it definitely doesn’t have to be a boring black. Spice up the look of your business or large property with fence design elements and specific colors to match the surrounding area. Just as you would want to personalize the interior of your business or home to your liking and portray a certain message, you should do the same with the exterior of your building while keeping it safe and secure.

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