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Your aluminum fence is made to last and won’t need much upkeep on your part besides a few instances when you may want to give it an extra clean.

The upkeep for an aluminum fence is minimal. Your fence will come fully ready for normal wear, tear and dirt due to the high-quality, powder-coated finish. This finish helps with keeping the fence materials waterproof, rustproof, and looking good all year round. Although aluminum fencing is incredibly durable and will rarely need specific care, you may still want to give it a more in-depth wash to keep it in pristine condition and looking shiny and new.

Extra TLC for your fence

S4_Residential_Slope_Hill_2015Harsh weather and natural elements can give your fence a bit of a battering from time to time. One such natural factor is salt. If you live near the ocean, you may already be familiar with the amount of salt buildup that can occur on your outdoor furnishings. As for other climates, harsh winter weather could involve excessive salting of nearby roads, giving you a similar buildup of salt at the bottom of your fence. In these cases, you may need to give a little extra love to your fence because salt can wreak havoc on aluminum when exposed to it at high levels and for long periods of time. This is why a simple rinse or wipe-down of an oft-salty fence is helpful for the longevity of the material.

A quick rinse can be beneficial

From time to time, many fence owners clean their fence. While a deep clean is unnecessary for most fence owners, a quick rinse can be beneficial. A rinse with fresh water from a hose can help make your fence look shiny and new. Even if it rains a lot where you live, rainwater can often dull the shine of the fence and mat down any dirt or dust that was already there. A quick rinse with a hose on full blast should be enough to help with any dirt or debris, and the plants in the area will welcome the extra water!

A more in-depth cleaning process

Occasionally you’ll need to give your aluminum fencing an actual wash and more than just a rinse with the hose, especially if it’s been a while since the fence had a proper rinse. No specially formulated product is necessary for this; regular liquid soap will be sufficient. Create a bucket of soapy water, grab a cleaning cloth, and start wiping down! If you know that your fence has quite a layer of dirt built up over a long period of time, you could try to use a cleaner specifically made for cars as that will use similar detergents that are capable of washing the materials of your fence. If you are ever unsure if a product is appropriate for your fence, do a spot test in an inconspicuous spot to double-check its effectiveness and to ensure it won’t harm the fence.

With minimal effort on your part, your fence will continue looking just as shiny and beautiful as the first day you laid eyes on it. Just keep in mind that seasons and different climates that can affect the cleanliness of the fence materials, and you’ll be ready for a clean fence all year-round!