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black_matte_aluminum_fence_2014The decision to replace or repair your old fence may be hard, but looking at a few different factors will help you make the right choice.

There are many reasons you may be looking to get a new fence. You might be getting ready to sell your home and you want to raise the value a bit, or perhaps your old fence is looking tired and you think a refresh is in order after so many years. Maybe you just moved into a new house that came with an old fence, and it’s the first thing on your home repair to-do list.

Whatever the reason, deciding how to proceed can seem daunting, as the decision is something that you must live with for quite a while. This is especially true for fences made of aluminum. These are very high in quality and will last for years to come, with very little upkeep involved.

It’s not forever

Now you might be wondering if replacing your old chain link or wooden fence with aluminum is the right thing to do. What if your aluminum fence still looks good as new after a few years but you’re ready for another look? Remember that no design choice is forever. Aluminum fences are strong and sturdy, but they can also be replaced any time you choose.

If you make the decision to replace your current fence with an aluminum fence, the low maintenance and durability will be so apparent that you won’t want to switch it with anything else. Fences made of aluminum last so long because of their tough metal material and outer coatings that help them last through any weather. The decision about whether to replace your current fence or not can actually come down to where you live. If you live in a climate with weather extremes, from incredibly dry and hot to wet and cold, having a material that will stand up to the tough elements is vital.

Decisions, decisions

The choice to repair or replace often comes down to cost. If you have a decent fence that just needs minor repairs and you don’t live in an extreme weather zone, repairing might be better for you. Aluminum fences are a great deal for the fantastic product you get, but they won’t be as inexpensive as repairing another fence.

When considering the different costs, you have to keep the future in mind. If you are going to have to make the same or similar repairs every year and replace your entire old wooden fence in the near future, perhaps it’s more cost effective to splurge now. You’ll have less hassle and minimal maintenance. Moreover, aluminum fences come in so many different styles and designs that you can really personalize the fence to make it perfect for your home.

Resale value also plays a factor in any upgrades or repairs you are planning for your house. Having a shiny new fence is preferable to potential buyers over a fence that needs frequent repairs. If you or someone in your family is quite handy and enjoys home repairs and cost is a big factor for you in the short term, perhaps a good old-fashioned DIY is in your future. However, if you stop and think a bit about the long-term cost and hassle, replacing your fence now instead of waiting might be the best choice for you.