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Bronze Rings In Aluminum FenceShrubbery and other landscaping additions can make your yard pop, and they also help tie in your fence and driveway gate with the rest of the property.

Landscaping is important for both residential and commercial properties. For your own home, the landscaping can be as wild or tame as you’d like. After all, it is your own property and can showcase your personality as you please. When it comes to commercial properties, however, there is a bit more to keep in mind. One major concern for those with commercial properties pertains to what looks good to consumers and passersby while still proving easy to maintain.


The beauty of landscaping rests in how well it complements the surrounding area. This means not only complementing the building on the property but also any fences or gates. Different commercial properties also require different types of fences, such as tougher, thicker industrial fences or extra-tall fence panels to help keep the property more secure. The aesthetics of fence landscaping for commercial properties is usually a minimalist style. Resisting the urge to overdo it with exotic plants and trees is beneficial for maintenance and upkeep purposes. This includes avoiding placing anything too extreme around the fence area. A shrub or small bush that goes well with the height of the fence is a good approach.

Best plants for the job

When it comes to your commercial aluminum fence, there are some plants that you may want to avoid. Beautiful vines can be tempting as they can add character to a building and property, but you must be sure you choose the right type of vine. English ivy or chocolate vine can actually cause more harm than good. As pretty as they are, they can be quite destructive and hard to get rid of once they grow out of control. When it comes to vines, choose a type that is easy to maintain. Always let the people at the nursery know where you are planning to put a plant so they can advise you appropriately. A commercial aluminum fence can easily hold up to beautiful plants such as climbing hydrangeas or, if you have more time to care for them, grape vines. This can give you the beautiful look of a vine without allowing them to overtake your fence and home.

Winter care

One last note on landscaping surrounding your fence pertains to your safety in winter. When winter-proofing your yard and fence, you will want to check any trees limbs that hang over the gates or driveway. This is helpful in case any strong winter winds put extra pressure on the plants and the fence, mainly because of icicles. When driveway gates open, they have the tendency to bump into any shrubbery in the vicinity. If any icicles have formed overnight, that could spell disaster! Icicles dropping from certain heights can cause damage to you and your car. Protect your property and your health by keeping the shrubbery well maintained.

You may choose to have a professional landscaper take care of your yard, or you might plan on doing it yourself. Either way, be sure to do a bit of research on the upkeep of the plants, trees and shrubs that you choose to ensure they can be easily maintained and will look good in every season. Having the right landscaping from the start can give your business and your property the look it needs to succeed.