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residential-railing-great-fenceIt’s time for spring cleaning once again. Don’t neglect your outdoor areas, which also need some spring cleaning TLC.

The sun is shining and the birds are chirping because spring has sprung! This means you and your family will want to spend more time outdoors enjoying the fresh air. What about your backyard? Is it shining like the spring sun or could it use a bit of a cleanup after the long winter?

During winter, we spend a lot of time inside our homes keeping warm and neglect our outdoor areas, including our fence. If you have an aluminum fence, you won’t find yourself needing to carry out too much maintenance once the snow and ice thaws thanks to the tough aluminum material.

A quick wipe-down

Even though your aluminum commercial fence doesn’t require any specific springtime maintenance, it is an excellent idea to give it a quick clean after the last frost has left your area. The salt from icy roads and the dry, freezing weather may have had some effect on your fence, even if it’s hard to tell. Salt can be corrosive if it finds a break in the powder coating of the aluminum. To ensure this isn’t the case, give your fence a quick rinse and wipe-down. Using a hose with normal pressure is ideal. For an extra-clean fence, use a cloth with a mild soap, too. Try to avoid harsh sponges so you don’t hurt the important coating on the aluminum.

Speaking of the coating, it is important to take a closer look at your fence after rinsing it to see if there are any areas that could use a touchup of paint. This could be where something ran into it and chipped it, or just an area—perhaps near a gate hinge—where the coating is wearing down. You just need to find a spray paint that matches the color and ensure it is suitable for aluminum fences.

Spruce up the rest of the yard

After winter, the rest of your yard is probably looking a bit dull. After not seeing the sunlight for so long, there are probably quite a few areas that could use sprucing up. Pick up any debris or stray branches that are littering the yard. You know how you tidy up your bedroom by picking up stray pieces of clothing around the room first and foremost? Do this in your yard while ensuring your furniture is all put in place, creating a welcoming ambience.

Next you will want to start gardening and mulching! This is a great time to get the kids involved, as they will be happy to help with digging the holes and laying out the mulch. It’s amazing how a few perfectly placed colorful flowers and plants can change the look of a whole yard. Adding mulch or stones around the flower beds will pull the whole look together.

Finally, you can consider adding some new shrubs or plants to give a fresh look to your yard. Find a plant that matches your aluminum commercial fence by choosing a taller bush or an interesting small tree. Taller plants look great against an aluminum fence because they complement the tall pickets.

Before you know it, your backyard and fence will be looking clean, fresh and ready for spring. Soon enough, it will be time to bring out the barbecue, and you’ll be ready with your newly cleaned yard.