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aluminum gate hinge latch collageHinges and latches are both very important parts of a driveway gate. They must be very strong to keep up the safety and security of the fence.

There are various moving parts on an aluminum driveway gate, aside from the obvious part: the gate! With various types of hinges and locks to consider when purchasing an aluminum driveway gate, it’s tough to know where to start.

Hinges and latches get the most wear and tear of the fence barrier and need to be built to last. Depending on what kind of fence and gate you choose, the fence company may suggest a certain caliber of hinge or latch. This is useful when you are buying the stronger, thicker fences and gates, such as industrial or commercial varieties. The grade of metal that comes with those types of gates means the gate itself will be heavier, so the hinges will need to be able to keep up.

The strength of the fence hinges on the hinge

Whenever you find aluminum driveway gates for sale, they will come with a basic hinge. While a basic hinge is sufficient for your fence, it is good to know what else is out there in case you feel the need to upgrade your hinges. Even if you are only getting a residential-grade gate and fence, you still have options.

You can always opt for a heavy-duty gate hinge, which is a step above the standard hinge. This might seem unnecessary for you, but for some people, this can work in their favor. Those who choose a heavy-duty gate hinge are people who know they will be going in and out of the driveway gates fairly often, more than just twice a day. This happens when the gate is used by multiple people throughout the day, perhaps when it is to a small apartment complex or commercial property.

One step above the heavy-duty gate hinge is the self-closing hinge. This is popular with walking entry point gates, especially when pools are involved. For any type of non-driveway gate that you want to close by itself once you have walked through, this is the way to go. For driveway gates in particular, you may find that a self-closing electric mechanism is more useful.

Latch on to safety

Latches also come in varying degrees of quality and size when it comes to aluminum driveway gates for sale. Not all latches are necessary for all driveway gates, so it is really important to know what you’re looking for to fill your needs. Latches on driveway gates can be very basic for those who plan to get out of the car and unlatch the gate each time they go in and out of the driveway.

For this type of latch, you can go standard or deluxe. Both are reliable options, but your decision will depend on the material grade and the strength of security needed. Depending on the type of access you are willing to allow to your property, you may choose a latch that has a key that must be used to enter. Compare different types of latches and consider how often the gates will need to be opened and by whom.

Even if you plan to have an electronic mechanism do the latching for you, it will still need to have manual options. If you are ever unsure what direction to take when it comes to latches or hinges, contact your fencing specialist to get advice on what is best for your individual situation.