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commercial fencingThere are yards with perfect 90-degree corners, and then there is every other yard. Thankfully, aluminum fencing can navigate all types of layouts.

A perfectly squared yard layout is rare. Properties come in all sizes, with all different kinds of boundaries and property lines. If you are planning a big DIY fence job for your property and you have a unique yard to work with, don’t panic. Buying fence panels and installing them yourself does not require only straight lines and 90-degree angles. There are plenty of ways to work with the yard you have and still have a successful fence.

Rounded corners

Perhaps your property line comes with a few odd instances of short lines that would not look right with a fence directly following them, or perhaps you think you would like the more rounded look for your yard. Whatever the case, a curved or rounded fence is doable and can give a seamless look to your yard’s unique situation.

Rounded corners can be achieved even with straight fence panels, and you don’t have to break the panels to create the look. You just need to set them up to give the illusion of a gradual rounded corner. You do need to have enough room for this to happen, so quite a bit of measuring and planning must happen first and foremost.

When in the planning stages of the DIY fence project, some people opt to lay out the fence using spray paint or rope. Measure the length of your panels and lay out segments of rope to see how rounded you are able to make the corners in question. Play around with angles until you get the desired look.

When ordering the fence panels, be sure you get the right hardware for the project. This might mean special hinges for gates on corners or special posts for the rounded look. Line, corner or end posts with a slight angle will be needed for a slightly angled look. For more severe curved areas, a swivel mount will be needed. Always ask the fencing professional selling the panels and posts to ensure you are getting the right mounts, hinges for gates, and screws.

Gates and privacy

What happens when you want to have some privacy on your rounded corner? Your fence panels are not limited to the standard type when installing in a curve. You can still add puppy panels, privacy panels, and even gates to the area. Depending on what surrounds your property, you might be looking for only one section to include privacy panels.

Try to imagine the flow of this when it comes to a rounded corner. With a right angle separating different sides of a fence, it’s easier to demarcate one side for privacy panels and one for standard panels with spaces between the pickets. With the rounded section, it might make more sense to continue one look until a gate and then switch from the other side of the gate. Of course, this is all personal preference and may also be dependent on whether you have a pool on the property or other homeowners association rules and regulations.

Whether you choose to install your DIY fence with very rounded corners or just cut off the corner with a single panel, you will be able to do it all with ease thanks to good planning and excellent aluminum materials.