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Aluminum Fence ArborFinding the right balance for your home décor can be challenging. Once you find the perfect blend, you will have a great flow through the whole property.

Similar to fashion and indoor home décor, outdoor spaces can also have too many matching elements. Wearing bright yellow pants with a bright yellow sweater and yellow boots would be considered too much yellow, right? The same goes for your indoor and outdoor décor. There can actually be too much of a good thing, so even if you are using a high-quality décor piece, you definitely want to be careful to not overdo it!

Going classic

There are times when using one color for everything can work out, and one example is when you are using classic colors. Having a black aluminum fence, black driveway gates, black roof and other black elements can be quite desirable. Similarly, having all white (including white shutters on the windows) can be just as nice.

This is because of the classic look. Using white, black, gray or beige can give a timeless feel to a place. It also allows color to pop in flowers, trees, and other décor pieces in the yard. If you happen to have a unique part of the house you want to highlight, such as an all-glass wall or an outdoor pond or even a bright red door, using these simple colors as a majority will allow the other aspects of the house to stand out.

Decor and Style

What are some of the décor pieces that can brighten up a monochrome fence? Choose flowers or plants in a similar color palette or in complementary colors such as pinks and purples. Place them evenly throughout the yard, with some near the fence as well. Allow the color to pop up in and around the property, bringing everything together.

If you have an outdoor area you really want to draw attention to, such as a pond or fire pit, use the flowers and shrubbery to lead the eye to the area. Choose light-colored plants furthest from the centerpiece, with a gradual change in color toward the area. Choose unique plants or lawn furniture to give it a style all your own and make your home stand out on the block.

Matching railings and fences

Livening up a white or black aluminum fence with landscaping isn’t the only way to have the perimeter of the yard match the rest of the property. You can also match the fence and any railings on the property to each other to keep everything in the same theme. If you are using a deep green fence to avoid distracting from elaborate landscaping or a specific style home, ensure any railings on balconies, stairs, gates and entryways are also the same deep green.

You can always liven up the railings, fences and entryways with unique features, such as vine plants or lawn ornaments. Just don’t go overboard in one area of the yard. Be sure to spread out the décor pieces and color so the whole yard is one cohesive unit. Whether you choose black, white, silver or go bold with a colorful fence, as long as you consider how the fence will fit in with the whole yard, you will be sitting pretty—in a pretty yard!