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White Aluminum FenceAluminum fences help keep a property safe and secure. Columns do the same while adding a nice look to the perimeter of any commercial property.

Imagine approaching a company’s headquarters or a storefront and seeing nothing but a large brick wall or a chain link fence. That wouldn’t be the most welcoming property to approach. Now imagine a safe and secure aluminum picket fence with lovely touches of brick or stone columns, with a welcoming gate allowing people and cars to enter the property during open hours. That’s a much better greeting for customers and guests!

This welcoming entrance can easily be achieved with a sturdy aluminum commercial fence and some added décor pieces. Erecting an aluminum fence can be done as a DIY project thanks to helpful aluminum fence panels that are easy to install. With normal equipment, a little preparation and an online order, any commercial property owner can be on their way to a secure, strong and attractive aluminum fence.

Brick and stone

Aluminum fence panels that you order online will come with posts to connect each panel to the next. Some people choose to add some extra pizzazz to their fence with brick or stone posts in place of some of the aluminum posts. Stone and brick columns are an attractive addition to traditional fence panels. This type of column can be added to the corners of the property or even between panels throughout the fence. It’s up to you what works best for your property.

The choice between brick and stone might be a tough one. Often people choose whichever matches their home or business best. If your home or business has no brick or stone work on the outside of it, go with whichever conveys the look you desire. If your columns are more purposeful than decorative, brick is the usual option. This allows for a uniform look from post to post.

Decor and style

Having columns between your aluminum commercial fence panels allows creates a very polished look. The entire property is transformed from something that is just being fenced in to something that is creating a statement. The décor of a column isn’t for every business or commercial property, but if your business is the type that has customers or guests coming on a daily basis, it is worth considering adding this simple yet elegant feature to your outdoor space.

If having columns all around the property isn’t your style or won’t work due to space or cost limitations, perhaps styling the front entryway with columns will work for you. These types of columns look great on either end of an aluminum driveway gate or other type of entryway. It denotes to people entering the property where to enter and makes them feel welcomed.

There are some exciting ways you can decorate and style your columns, adding even more to your property. These columns can have lighting added to them easily, or they can be decorated for the holiday season. Shrubbery and plants can be placed around the columns to add some depth to the yard.

With just a few columns of stone or brick and an incredibly strong and sturdy aluminum panel fence, your business or commercial property will be well on its way to having its own unique style, welcoming everyone to the property.