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Pool Safety FenceHinges, locks and latches are essential components of your aluminum gate. Learn about all the different latch options available to choose what is best for you.

There are so many reasons to choose an aluminum fence and gate. The strong material of each aluminum fence panel means your property will be surrounded by a secure fence that will stand up to even the most extreme weather conditions. It is hard to imagine not having the best latch and lock you can get for your incredibly secure aluminum gate. This means it’s decision time because there are plenty of latch options from which to choose.

LokkLatch Options

LokkLatch latches attach to your aluminum gate with ease and give you exactly what you need out of a latch. A popular LokkLatch option is the magnetic LokkLatch. With no welding or drilling required, the magnetic LokkLatch is the perfect option for a heavily-used gate. The latch won’t get jammed even when the gate slams shut. As with other popular LokkLatch devices such as the deluxe option, there is a key to keep the gate locked from both sides. Even the basic LokkLatch option will keep your property safe and secure with keyhole locking, reliable latching, and rust-free properties. You can even get these latches in various colors to match your gate!

Gate drop rod

The 18-inch gate drop rod is not exactly a latch, but it does help to keep your gate secure and easy to open at the same time. This is especially true when it comes to double swing gates. The gate drop rod can keep one side closed with a rod going into the ground on one side, while the other side can be opened as normal. For a key-lockable option, go with the 24-inch gate drop rod, which at a longer length might work better for larger fences.

Top pull latch

If your aluminum fence panel and gate surrounds a pool, the top pull magna latch is the perfect option to keep everyone in the vicinity safe. The top pull latch can be easily installed on all single and double swing gates. It is the perfect option if you have small children in the house or expect them around the neighborhood. This is because the latch goes above the top of the gate, with a knob that must be pulled upward to open the gate. There is even a key-lockable option to keep the area extra secure.

Gate stop

A gate stop is the perfect addition to any fence that is used a lot on a daily basis. A gate stop helps keep your hinges, latches and locks working well and in top quality. Gate stops are placed in the best position to stop your gate from swinging through even slightly, allowing the whole gate to work as it should with every use. Gate stops are made tough and durable but will have a soft, quiet closing thanks to the rubber buffer insert.

From gate stops to magnetic specialty locks to drop rods, there is definitely plenty to choose from when it comes to setting up your aluminum gate. Keeping your property safe and secure has never been easier because each option mentioned here will give you top-quality security for peace of mind.