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Black Estate GateTo match or not match, that is the question. Just because your aluminum fence looks a certain way does not mean your gate must be exactly the same!

When making plans for any outdoor space, it is important to first consider what material, style and height your fence will be. Your fence will cover so much of your property that you will really want to ensure you are satisfied with the end result. Once you have decided on the fence, it’s time to determine how similar your gate will look to the fence.

You might be wondering why everyone doesn’t just match their gate exactly to their fence in color, style and height. It might be hard to imagine having a gate that looks different from the surrounding fence, but if you consider it carefully, you might realize that having different styles is a great way to make the entryway pop!

In what ways can the gate be unique and different from the fence without the two items straying too far from complementing one another? The key is subtlety. Choosing just one or two ways of making your gate different from your fence is enough to make it stick out in a good way. Finding aluminum driveway gates for sale that can be customized to your desired look or style will go a long way toward making your property unique.

Considering size and material

The height of your fence and the width between pickets don’t necessarily have to be exactly the same for your driveway gates. In fact, many people choose to have a driveway gate that has a smaller width between pickets for more security. Similarly, the height is usually greater with driveway gates to give them a particular look and make the entry point that much more secure.

When it comes to fencing material, aluminum is one of the top metals to use for fences and gates alike. Having these two parts of your outdoor space match is great, but you can also throw another material into the mix. On either side of aluminum driveway gates for sale are large posts that hold the gate in place. These can be made of aluminum, but they are often made of stone or rock to add a natural and welcoming look to the main entry point of a residence. This allows property owners to have the best of both worlds: a great-looking entryway with an incredibly strong aluminum gate.

Style and color

The style and color that you choose for your fence and driveway gate should be complementary and go with the overall look you hope to achieve for your outdoor spaces. For example, if you are going the all-natural route with stone posts and natural landscaping, you may opt for both the fence and gate to be a matching shade of green, with a few differences in the styling of the tops of the pickets. Alternatively, you might be looking to make your driveway stand out using a more noticeable color and style, but with the same design elements and spears or finials at the top as your fence.

Whether you match the size, material, style and color or just choose a few of these design elements to be the same, your aluminum gate and fence will end up showcasing your property in a unique and interesting way while keeping the property safe and secure.