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A fence is just a fence, but adding an entryway in the form of a gate or arbor can really spruce up your yard and the entrance to your property.

There are so many fence types to choose from – including chain link, wooden, white picket, iron and aluminum – that settling on just one can be a difficult task! On top of that, you must decide whether to have a gate, driveway gate or arbor entry way to the property. Where should you start with all of these decisions?

First, it’s important to narrow the choices down to a particular fencing material. It’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing aluminum these days thanks to the strong and sturdy metal and powder coating that keeps the fence and aluminum driveway gate intact for years to come. Aluminum is very versatile in both style and function. It can be designed and customized to match any type of property, from residential to industrial. The aluminum itself is strong enough for even the craziest of weather and requires very minimal upkeep from season to season.

Once you’ve chosen the material for the fence and entryway, it’s time to decide on the different entry points to your property. One very popular option is an aluminum driveway gate or even a footpath entry gate. This can be opened, closed and locked. Another popular option is a beautiful aluminum arbor that creates a lovely entrance to a garden or property and can be installed with or without a gated entryway.

Privacy and security

Arguably the most important part of a fence and gate is security. Gates should be able to be locked by the property owner and only allow access to those visiting the property. However, in some cases, a gated entryway needs to be welcoming and attractive rather than fortress-like. High security can be achieved with ease by purchasing a strong industrial aluminum driveway gate, while an attractive appearance can be achieved with an arbor entryway. Both can offer a secure gated entry to a property, but an arbor is more likely to be used if the aesthetics of the property are of the utmost importance.

Large Deluxe Arbor

Aesthetics and practicality

Practicality is just as important as the look of a fence or gate. If your property is in need of large machinery or automobiles enter and exit often, a driveway gate with a lockable entry is ideal. An arbor would get in the way of any type of machinery that would need to enter the property and is usually reserved for footpath entries.

The aesthetically pleasing aspect of arbors give them a very welcoming look, making for the perfect entrance to a garden, front entry of a home, or an attractive entrance to a store or the outdoor seating area of a restaurant. Arbors can often be dressed up with flowers and vines, adding to the ambience.

The decision between a gate or an arbor comes down to what is best for the property. It all depends on what is on the property: a commercial business, an industrial plant, or a residential home. Having a lockable gate is most likely at the top of your list, so it really depends on whether you’d like a classic and elegant fence or a beautiful and unique arbor at the entryway to your property.