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Hotel FenceFrom motels to resorts, aluminum fence panels keep a property looking elegant yet secure and safe with a strong perimeter.

When seasons change into warmer weather, it means one important thing is on everyone’s minds: vacation. Whether it’s a summer vacation to the beach or mountains or a weekend getaway from work, people are eager to leave everything behind and stay in a motel, hotel or resort where they don’t have to worry about a thing.

In these amazing vacation spots, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. If you are a hotel owner or worker, you’ll already know the amount of thought and planning that goes into not only the day-to-day hustle and bustle of the hotel, but also keeping up appearances. When guests arrive for a vacation or work trip, they expect to see buildings, entryways and fences that are kept in excellent condition, along with manicured landscapes. It should all work together in unison for one flawless guest experience.

First impressions count

It is so important for a hotel property to look fantastic from the first time a guest or customer sees the place. You hear a lot about curb appeal with private residences, and it’s no different when it comes to hotels and resorts. Whether a family is just driving by or a company is looking at photos of the hotel on the internet, having a welcoming and clean outdoor area is essential in filling rooms.

Keeping the grounds and lawn in top shape is important, and this includes the fence and gate. Thankfully, aluminum fencing doesn’t require much upkeep or maintenance. A simple and quick cleaning of the panels can keep any residue from dulling the shine of the fence with just a little bit of soap and water.

Marriott FencingReal luxury

Having an aluminum panel fence gives you an amazing look of luxury, but it’s not just about the look that you’ll achieve. You get full luxury with an aluminum panel fence, from the amazingly strong metal within the panel to the elegant exterior that has a special powder coating to keep it in excellent condition season after season.

The powder coating is really the unsung hero of any aluminum panel fence. That is because of the hard work it does to keep the aluminum strong and intact. This special coating keeps the metal free of any moisture, which could cause an oxidation process that could harm the overall look and functionality of the fence. Thankfully, aluminum doesn’t rust the way other metal fences do, but the oxidation process could create unsightly areas. This is why it’s good to get in the habit of having groundskeepers check for any dents or scratches in the surface of the paint and coating and have those quickly and easily fixed to keep the fence strong.

Safety first

Industrial Fence Flat Tops

Having a strong fence is important for many reasons, from wind storms to security. Having a secure and safe perimeter around a hotel or resort is an important aspect that customers might not realize they are noticing, but they are. This is especially true for parking lots where tourists are keeping their cars while on vacation. Being away from home will already have people worried, so having a trustworthy fence is important.

With all the great things aluminum fencing can do, it’s no wonder more and more motels, hotels and resorts are choosing these easy-to-install fence panels to keep their property safe and looking beautiful.