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Residential Style 4 - Beauty with BoundariesYou may have heard of the “big five” animals to spot when on an African safari, but have you heard of the “big five” of aluminum fencing?

In Africa, the term “big five” refers to five popular animals that are revered for their strength. The lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and buffalo are the top reasons people go on a safari when visiting Africa. Now what do fences, gates, hand railings, and privacy and pool fences have in common? They make up the “big five” of aluminum fencing!

These five areas of metal fencing are popular for all the right reasons, just like Africa’s “big five.” When planning a big home improvement project such as a new fence or gate, many people seek out popular aluminum for the sturdiness, strength, safety and security as well as the ease of purchasing and installing it.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Fences

The most popular aluminum fencing choice is the classic fence. These fences can be ordered online in panel form and delivered to your property for easy installation. The panels and posts can be ordered in many different sizes and styles, along with various thicknesses depending on the property type and what is needed for security.

Driveway Gates

Aluminum driveway gates and other entryway gates are similarly popular thanks to the need for them in so many different types of outdoor spaces. Driveway gates can swing open on one or both sides, and they can match an attached fence or stand alone with beautiful posts on either side. Entry gates such as those for commercial properties can come with the sturdiest locks for multiple daily uses.

Large Industrial Driveway Gate

Pool Fences

Fencing for pools is an important part of the “big five” because of the safety aspects involved in properties with pools. In fact, there are safety rules and regulations put forth by most municipalities governing the exact dimensions and type of fence and gate that can be placed around a pool. Thankfully, aluminum fencing has this covered as the metal is sturdy and safe for this type of use.

Large Pool Fencing

Privacy and Security Fences

If privacy and security are exactly what your property needs, look no further than aluminum. With sturdy panels made of industrial-strength aluminum and a smart design, aluminum fencing can keep even large industrial properties safe from unwanted visitors. When it comes to privacy, property owners can always opt for panels that allow little to no sightline into the property to keep prying eyes out.

Hand Railings

The last item that might sometimes be overlooked is hand railings. This not only includes necessary hand railings on ramps and stairways, but also hand railing on patios and balconies. Since aluminum can withstand extreme weather and lasts for years, it’s no wonder people are choosing this amazing metal fencing product for all areas of their outdoor spaces.

Aluminum fencing and gates all come with an amazing powder coating that helps keep moisture and damage away from the precious metal below. While there is minimal upkeep and maintenance needed, it is good to check for any dents or scratches to the powder coating from time to time, especially with aluminum driveway gates. That way, any damage can be fixed before it becomes an issue.

Choosing one of aluminum fencing’s “big five” areas means jumping head first into a strong and popular fencing choice that will surely help your property be safe and secure in style.