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There are different factors that can cause wear and tear on your aluminum fence and gate over time. Learn some prevention tips and how to combat this.

With extreme weather, overuse, unintentional damage, and accidents, there are plenty of ways a fence or gate can be damaged. Aluminum fencing can put up with quite a lot of wear and tear, leaving a well-kept fence looking like new for years.

It’s important to give credit to the powder coating on aluminum fencing. After an easy ordering process online, an aluminum driveway gate or fence will arrive at your doorstep in easy-to-assemble pieces, already treated and covered in a special powder coating that keeps the metal below it safe from harm’s way. This goes a long way in keeping the wear and tear to a minimum since the aluminum metal itself does not get damaged by moisture.

Residential Homes

With the powder coating in place, your fence panels and aluminum driveway gate will be ready for anything that might happen. In residential homes, the wear and tear could come from the kids’ sports balls always bumping into the fence, the lawnmower always grazing that one spot in the corner, or any number of repetitive actions. Keep the damage to a minimum by frequently checking that powder coating for any sign of damage and fixing it as it is noticed.

Side View Pool Fence

Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes have similar wear and tear potential to single-family homes, but added pressure comes from repetitive motion to entry gates and driveway gates. With multiple residents a day coming in and going out, the hinges, locks and handles see plenty of action. Just imagine how many residents mistakenly scrape their keys or belongings on the area near the locks and door handles, putting stress on the powder coating with scratches and possible dents. Keep an eye on these areas in particular to avoid further damage to the metal underneath.

Parking Lots

The ultimate wear and tear involves much more than just gates opening and closing a lot. Driveway or estate gates where cars pass through, such as for parking lots on commercial or industrial properties, see their fair share of bumps and scrapes from cars unintentionally tapping the metal parts. These gate areas need to be kept clean to see any damage along the way. Aluminum fences and gates don’t necessarily need to be cleaned often to stay in good condition, but having less dirt allows you to see scratches and dents better.

Large Commercial Fence

Schools and Pools

Last but certainly not least, schools and pools have a few specific parts that could show signs of wear and tear. In order to provide safety and security for little ones at school or anyone using a public or private pool, it’s incredibly important to keep an eye on the integrity of the gates themselves. They should always be in good condition and follow any rules and regulations that apply, with all pieces in good working order.

Wear and tear might be inevitable as the years pass, but it won’t mean you need to buy a new aluminum fence or gate any time soon. The fence owner’s keen eye can ensure the integrity of the fence from time to time, and the strong and durable metal is kept protected by a special powder coating, saving it from harm’s way in every season.