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Installing aluminum fence panels and handrails on a commercial property is easy and incredibly effective in terms of style and practicality.

With any property, the look and style of the exterior is extremely important. From guests to visitors to clients, there are plenty of people who will have a quick first impression the moment they lay eyes on the buildings and landscaping. The first thing they see, however, is the fencing. Commercial aluminum fence panels and handrails give a sophisticated feel to a property and are also highly effective at safety and security.

Aluminum is malleable and therefore a great option if you have a specific style or design you want for your property. The options for commercial aluminum fence panels and handrails seem endless with so many possible colors, designs and sizes. Aluminum fencing and handrails come with a very special powder coating that helps maintain the beauty and strength of the metal for years to come.

Large Bronze Commercial Fence

Doing It Yourself

Taking on a project such as erecting a fence or installing aluminum handrails may sound like a hassle, but it is a very achievable task. Ordering is quite simple, with an easy-to-maneuver website where you can pick every detail about your purchase. You only need to choose your style, size and color and input precise measurements for your property.

The handrail panels or fencing panels will be sent to your property, ready for you to install. There are helpful diagrams and instruction manuals that take you through the installation process step by step. Preparing yourself by reading through helpful articles or asking any pertinent questions will help you feel ready for when the panels arrive at your property.

Patios, Porches and Verandas

Restaurants, bars, and other eateries will need special hand railing throughout the property. Walkways and ramps will need to have hand railing for safety purposes. Any patios or porches that are higher than ground level will also need aluminum handrail panels. Choosing handrails that match any nearby exterior fencing will go a long way toward creating a welcoming environment for guests.

Apartment complexes may have even more of a need for specific handrails. If you own a building with residences, it’s important that everyone has the safest balconies and communal spaces. Fencing helps keep out those who don’t belong on the property, and handrails help keep those on the property safe and sound.

Deck Fence

Ramps and Stairs

Commercial properties ranging from apartment complexes to malls will typically have some sort of ramp or outdoor stairway that needs handrails. Handrails in this capacity assist people in walking from one area to another safely. They also help keep the flow of foot traffic orderly and demarcate certain areas.

Handrails usually have a classic design or style, even when the accompanying fence has some extra elegant touches such as exciting tops or finials. Handrails are very purposeful and are often decorated in ways that make them easy to see and use.

Commercial properties need to look their best from top to bottom. Exterior fencing and handrails can be stylish while keeping buildings and people safe and secure. Aluminum handrails and matching fencing can do just this while staying in the great condition you expect from aluminum.

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