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Keeping parks safe and beautiful starts with a secure and attractive perimeter. Aluminum fencing is a perfect choice to encompass everything a park needs.

Most communities around the country have some version of a park. A neighborhood park could be simply a green space with places where people can walk, dogs can run around, and children can play. A neighborhood park could also have a playground for children to interact with one another and create new memories. Parks come in all shapes, sizes and purposes – and so does aluminum fencing.

An aluminum commercial fence covers all the bases. From safety and security to classic elegance and easy upkeep, it’s hard to find a reason not to choose aluminum. Commercial fencing in particular is stronger than a regular residential fence. The aluminum posts and panels are made thicker to withstand even more wear and tear and regular daily use. This is incredibly important in a park environment where there is a lot of hustle and bustle going on at any given time.

Large Commercial Fence

Functionality and Practicality

A lot of action happens in a park. Imagine ball games going on at the same time as dogs playing catch and the lawn being mowed, not to mention teens causing shenanigans in big groups. With all of this going on at once, there needs to be a sturdy structure holding the place together. An aluminum commercial fence can keep those inside the park safe while preventing people from entering when it is closed.

Functionally, aluminum fences can have as many gated entryways as needed. Driveway entrances are common near parking lots and can be locked by park staff or opened by customers if needed. This comes down to the lock chosen for the gates. Footpath entryways can also open and close using different means, including child-friendly or child-safe handles.

The practical nature of an aluminum commercial fence means it covers everything a park needs. The vertical pickets keep the park secure as it is quite difficult to climb this kind of fence. Puppy panels added to the bottom to keep small animals in or out as needed. The tops can be curved in a way that makes the park even more secure, and the height of the fence and width of the empty spaces between pickets can be customized to suit the needs of the park.

Commercial Drive Gate

Attractive Fencing

The overall look of an aluminum fence is classic and timeless. An aluminum fence will last for years with minimal upkeep, so it’s perfect that the look can remain relevant and attractive through various home and landscaping trends. The vertical pickets leave an appropriate sight line into the inviting park while creating an important separation.

The style, color and design can be customized in different ways to match the park. Parks often choose a classic black or green color to allow their fence to match the surroundings. This helps it to blend in. At the entry gates, custom inlays can showcase the name or branding of the fence to welcome all guests.

Functional, practical and attractive are all great traits for something as visible and prominent as a large commercial fence. Choosing aluminum gives you all of this for a safe and beautiful park fence.

Black Commercial Fencing