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First impressions count. This is true even for your property! Having a beautiful and functional entrance helps your property stand out in a good way.

Properties have a driveway for a practical reason. The most obvious one is to keep the property closed off from outsiders while also easily allowing those who can access the property a way to enter it. Keeping a property safe and sound is the main concern. Safety and security are also important, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice a beautiful entrance. Aluminum driveway gates for sale are a great way to have an attractive entrance while also keeping everyone and everything on the property secure.

Driveway gates in aluminum can be ordered online with ease and are sent right to your property, ready for you to install. The gates will come in easy-to-assemble panels and posts with helpful directions. You can choose many different styles and types of driveway gates to match your home and outdoor areas as well as possible, keeping in mind functionality and the look you are hoping to achieve. There are some ways you can make your driveway stand out – in a good way! – with just some simple practical design choices.

Posts and Pillars

When shopping around for the best aluminum driveway gates for sale, you may notice that some people choose to add some different elements to the posts of the swinging gate. For example, having a stone pillar on either side of an aluminum gate can add some depth and intrigue to an entryway. This is a great addition to an apartment complex or high-end shopping plaza. Adding reinforced posts and pillars, even in industrial strength aluminum, can also be helpful for driveways with heavy daily use.

Large White Aluminum Fence

Customized Inlays

On the gates, there is the opportunity to make the look your own. Getting a customized inlay can create a warm and inviting entrance, showing anyone arriving what your property is all about. Customized inlays can have initials or emblems placed into the aluminum. Businesses often use this to create an experience for those visiting the property from the moment they arrive.

Large Industrial Driveway Gate


Landscaping – including flowers, shrubbery, trees and vines – can go a long way toward helping add some pizzazz to a property, especially the entrance. Aluminum gates make a great statement on their own, but having some added greenery and colorful flowers can create a specific impression for whatever the property hopes to convey.

Colors and Detail

Speaking of color, the aluminum gates themselves can be made in different colors to best suit the property. Many business and home owners choose to have the driveway gates match the aluminum fencing around the property, both in color and style. There are exciting style choices, such as detailed tops, spears and finials for each gate picket.

Residential Aluminum Fence

Adding Lighting

You don’t want people to enter your property in the dark. Adding some attractive lighting fixtures either to the posts or around the driveway entryway in general can create a welcome and safe entrance for those visiting the property. Lighting can then lead the way to the main entrance of the buildings on the property to create a cohesive and beautiful look.

With a few design and style decisions, you can be on your way to having a driveway that really welcomes guests to the property in a safe, secure and beautiful way.