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What makes aluminum fences so trustworthy and reliable for residential, commercial and industrial properties? The metal and its coating does all of the work.

Your property is special to you. You have put a lot of hard work, money and everything you have into making it exactly what you need. You will have made a lot of hard decisions about what you want on your property, most notably when it comes to building size and décor. After making all of these decisions and putting all of that effort in, you will surely want the outdoor areas to be just as grand and beautiful as the main home or other buildings.

To ensure the outdoor areas are just as special as the interior ones, look no further than the fencing to set the stage for a very unique and beautiful entryway and yard. A property’s fencing showcases what type of property you have. An industrial fence that is large and strong indicates to visitors that they are arriving at a well-managed and well-secured property. A residential fence that is well-decorated and inviting showcases a home that is unique in its own way.

Large Industrial Fence

A Special Material

Aluminum as a fencing material can do everything you need it to do. The fencing comes delivered to your door in panel form, with easy instructions on how to connect the panels to aluminum posts. You can also connect the fencing panels to sturdy walls or other posts as you see fit.

The aluminum metal itself is incredibly strong and sturdy. The higher grade of fence you choose, the thicker the metal will be. An industrial fence can be purchased in various heights with different widths between pickets to suit your property needs. You can add privacy panels to keep the interior of your property less visible to those passing by, and you can be certain that no person can penetrate through the amazing aluminum fence.

A Special Coating

Aluminum fencing sounds like it could end up rusting into a pile of orange ash after just a few rainstorms, right? Wrong. Aluminum fencing oxidizes in a different way, without become less stable. You don’t even need to worry about the oxidization of your fence thanks to the helpful powder coating on the outermost layer of the fence.

The powder coating stops any rain, sea water, pool water or other moisture from penetrating to the aluminum metal below. This powder coating can withstand hail, snow, and icy conditions, as well as salty ocean air. The upkeep for your fencing is nothing to worry about thanks to this special coating. Your fence will just need a quick cleaning from time to time with a mild detergent and water. Although the fence only needs a simple cleaning, you can also use a power washer without harming the exterior of the fence.

Large Pool Fence

A Very Special Design

Aluminum fencing can be designed in so many different ways to give your property that specialized look. Perhaps you have a home with a unique color palette or you are hoping for a specific regal, elegant, or even classic look. You can choose different colors, sizes, finials, spears and tops to give your fence the look you want. You can even customize special inlays for the entry gates to create a special look.

With so many options for décor, size, thickness and style, aluminum fencing is great for any size property to help it have a special, one-of-a-kind appearance.

Large White Aluminum Fence