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Dog owners already know the importance of having an outdoor space for their pet. From burning off energy to going to the bathroom, dogs need space to carry out their daily activities. Having a fenced-in area where dogs are kept safe and secure while being free to explore the property is ideal, and this is just one instance where an aluminum fence with puppy pickets can come in handy.

Aluminum dog fence panels are also worth considering even if you aren’t a pet owner. In fact, these panels can be surprisingly useful for any home because they also keep unwanted animals from entering your property.

Aluminum Fence In Snow

Why Aluminum?

Let’s break down what this type of fencing is and what it is used for. First, let’s take a look at aluminum’s value as a fencing material. Aluminum fencing is incredibly strong. You might wonder how something that seems flimsy when it’s in the form of a soda can can be strong enough to be made into a tall, sturdy fence. You can rest assured the aluminum that is made into dog fence panels is heavier, stronger and much thicker than the malleable cans you are used to. Aluminum dog fence panels also come with a special powder coating that keeps moisture and wetness away from the metal to prevent oxidation that can change the look or structure of the fence.

Panels for Dogs

Let’s take a closer look at puppy pickets. With aluminum fencing, there are vertical pickets with empty spaces in between, and they are attached by horizontal bars on the top and bottom. If you are imagining it correctly or look at some photos, you will realize that the space between the pickets may be large enough for some animals to fit through. Therefore, although the fencing may keep your property safe from criminals, animals might be able to come and go freely.

This is where the puppy pickets come in. Fencing panels that are created as puppy pickets have added pickets on the lower part of the panel, leaving an even smaller amount of space between them. This means there is no room for a dog or other animal to squeeze through, keeping everyone and everything inside the fence safe where it should be.

Large Fence With Puppy Pickets

Safety and Security

Safety comes first in all aspects of life, and this is especially true when it comes to the security of your family, your home and your pets. Aluminum fencing keeps your home and belongings safe from intruders thanks to its clever design. The vertical pickets mean there is nowhere for people to place their feet to help them climb over the fence, while the strength of the aluminum means nobody will cut through the fence or try to run through it, which you might see in a wooden or flimsy chain link fence.

Aluminum fencing has gate options with sturdy locks to ensure that only those who are supposed to enter have access to the property. In addition to stopping uninvited people from entering the premises, aluminum fencing puppy pickets also stop outside animals from entering your property. While birds can fly over the top and you would need a full privacy fence to really stop small creatures like mice, puppy pickets can keep out animals such as foxes, deer, and stray dogs and cats. This means your pets and children can play safely in the outside areas of your property without worrying about furry intruders.

Additional Advantages

We’ve established how having extra pickets on the bottom of your aluminum fence stops your pets and small children from leaving the property and unwanted visitors – human or otherwise – from entering the property, but choosing aluminum will bring you even more advantages. Having extra pickets means your fence is stronger overall. A fence that has extra weight and an added layer of protection will help in the long run for any extreme circumstances that may occur.

In addition, puppy pickets look great. The added row of smaller vertical pickets is eye-catching and can give classic fences a more polished look. If you think having more pickets will result in more upkeep, think again; what some people may consider the biggest advantage of choosing aluminum is the minimal upkeep needed with this type of fencing. That’s because aluminum fencing does not require a lot of maintenance or replacement panels year after year. In fact, you only need to wash the fencing with mild detergent and water from time to time to keep it looking new for years to come. As long as the powder coating is not damaged, every panel will stay in great shape.

Once installed, your aluminum puppy pickets fence will do its job of keeping safety and security a top priority while making your property look amazing. What more could you ask for than a safe, secure and attractive fence with easy upkeep? It’s the ideal choice for all members of the family – big and small!

Large Aluminum Fence with Puppy Pickets