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When making the big decision to get a pool, you need to keep everyone safe. Here are some questions to ask when you take the plunge.

Summertime calls for barbecues, spending time outdoors, and pool parties. Of course, you need to have a pool before you can throw a pool party! Having a pool can be great fun for you, your family, and your neighbors and friends. But having a pool also comes with a lot of responsibility.

Large Pool Fencing

How Do I Keep Everyone Safe?

To ensure everyone around you and in your town is safe from any poolside accidents, it is imperative that you put a sturdy fence around the pool. Not only is this an important step to take for everyone’s safety, but it is also a regulation for most municipalities. In fact, there are very specific rules and regulations about the height of fencing panels, width between pickets, and the locks.

Pool accidents can happen no matter how vigilant you are. They can even happen at night when you aren’t using the pool. That is why keeping it locked up safe and sound with a fence that isn’t easy to overtake is the best way forward.

Where Do I Even Start?

Undertaking a pool fence DIY project may seem daunting, but with just a little preparation and consideration, you can do it. Check what the rules and regulations are in your town or with your homeowner’s association. Aluminum fencing for pools can be customized to match the specifications set forth by these governing bodies.

From there, you can order your fencing materials online. Yes, you read that right: you can order everything you need for a DIY pool fence right from the comfort of your home. You can choose different colors, picket tops, gates, and more. The panels, posts, and gates will be delivered to your property ready for you to install.

Side View Pool Fence

Do I Need Anything Special for Installation?

When it’s time to install, you will surely have already checked and prepared yourself for the task at hand. Look through the instructions and diagrams that show how to put together the fence. You can also read previous blog entries for tips and tricks.

You shouldn’t need any special tools or machinery to install the fence. Of course, if you have no tools at all, it might be helpful to ask a neighbor or friend if you can use some items and possibly ask them for a hand with the installation process as well.

How Do I Keep It Looking Great?

One of the many advantages of an aluminum fence is the minimal upkeep needed to keep it looking fabulous year after year. You will notice that your fence does not rust the way many metals will. That is because aluminum oxidizes in a different way. In fact, you don’t even need to worry about your fence oxidizing because it is covered in a protective powder coating that keeps it safe from any damage that can be caused by moisture.

Your pool fence just needs to be gently cleaned from time to time to get any foreign substances off the surface of the coating, including dirt, debris or pool chemicals. With a quick and easy online ordering process, the ability to install the fence yourself, and easy upkeep, what more could you want from an aluminum pool fence DIY?

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