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Using industrial fencing made of aluminum for public and private parks and recreational facilities manes reliable fencing for years to come.

Choosing a fencing type, style and material can be a daunting task. There are many choices on the market, and it can be difficult to know where to start. Knowing what your property needs is a great place to begin. Bigger properties generally need bigger fences.

It’s not only about size, however. Choosing the right material for the job can be just as important as the size and design, if not even more important. That’s because some fencing materials are created purely for aesthetic reasons. Having a large commercial or industrial fence often means wanting security, safety, and privacy above everything else, but why settle for a security fence that is unsightly? You can have it all with aluminum fencing: safety, security, peace of mind and a great look to boot!

Large Industrial Fence

Why Aluminum for a Fencing Material?

Before understanding the reasons an industrial fence made of aluminum is great for your specific property type, it’s important to know why the material is such an important factor in the equation. Aluminum is a material that you may not have thought was a contender for making the strongest fence around, but there is a good reason that aluminum is here to stay as one of the top choices when it comes to strong, reliable and long-lasting fencing materials.

Aluminum fencing panels are made up of vertical pickets held together by horizontal bars. The panels are attached to posts to create a fenced-in area of any unique shape or size. The panels can be attached to non-aluminum posts should a property have a need for stone or other posts at entryways or driveway entrances.

This incredible metal is so versatile and sturdy. Aluminum will not rust the way other metals might. For added protection from the elements and dirt, aluminum fencing is covered in a protective powder coating that helps with the longevity of the fence. There is minimal upkeep and cleaning needed for aluminum fences, making it a great choice for large industrial properties.

Large Storage Fencing

Why Parks and Recreational Facilities?

An aluminum industrial fence is great for many large property types. Larger industrial and commercial properties often need added security and privacy. Parks and recreational facilities will require security and safety as a top priority. Aluminum fence panels can’t be pushed over and are difficult to climb, making the area very secure from outside intruders. Another great factor on the safety front is any pool areas that need to be safely fenced in. Aluminum is a popular option for pool fences thanks to the incredible strength and helpful lockable gated entries.

With children possibly being on the premises as well, safety is always important. This type of fencing shouldn’t rot or be in need of many repairs so the area it contains can remain a safe zone for everyone. Property owners also enjoy the easy cleaning and maintaining of this type of fence, as it isn’t costly or time-consuming.

Fencing in a park or recreational field means needing a heavy-duty, reliable fence and gate. Aluminum has you covered from start to finish with a great-looking fence that also keeps the property safe and secure.

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