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You may think you know all about aluminum fencing and gates, but there are some common misconceptions that need to be set straight.

Aluminum fencing’s popularity is on the rise, and it’s easy to understand why many property owners are turning to this versatile metal for their fencing material. For those out there who aren’t convinced that aluminum is a great option for their property, keep reading to learn about some common misconceptions regarding this fencing material that may help make your decision easier.

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Why Is Aluminum Fencing so Affordable?

You are probably thinking that price is the strongest indicator of which fencing material is best for residential, commercial or industrial metal fencing. Interestingly, a higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting the best on offer. After all, a high-end grocery store may sell apples for more than the store down the street, but that doesn’t mean the apples down the street are any less delicious than their more expensive counterparts.

Aluminum fencing is affordable, but it still gives you that high-quality and long-lasting fence you are looking for. Aluminum as a metal is more affordable. Those who have created fencing panels from the metal have found a way to make a high-end fence within a normal price range.

Wrought Iron Is a Much Better Option for My Fence, Right?

Wrought iron fencing looks great, but aluminum fencing looks so similar, and that beautiful look lasts quite some time without costly upkeep. The price tag on wrought iron is like buying that high-end grocer’s apple—yes, you will have an attractive and strong fence, but at what cost?

Aluminum comes with a protective coating that keeps the metal safe from moisture, whereas wrought iron fencing is susceptible to rusting and degrading over time. Aluminum will keep standing tall for years without the need to worry about rust problems.

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Does Aluminum Fencing Need Lots of Repairs?

Many fencing materials require extensive upkeep, cleaning and maintenance. Some materials just can’t handle intense weather or wear and tear, but aluminum is different. It can handle any extreme weather that gets thrown its way, and it doesn’t need to be repaired the way others might. There is no rotting or rusting, just amazing fencing panels that last and last.

You might think that “minimal upkeep” means the fence needs to be washed with special equipment to keep it in good condition, but this just isn’t true thanks to the protective powder coating on the fence. It keeps moisture and debris away from the metal so it can do its job of staying strong season after season.

Is Aluminum Too Lightweight for an Industrial Property?

Industrial metal fencing needs to be strong, sturdy, thick and ready for plenty of wear and tear. Aluminum has all of these bases covered and looks great at the same time. There are different grades of aluminum fencing that are suited to the various property types. Industrial aluminum fencing is the thickest and strongest to keep your properties safe, whether it’s from adverse weather or uninvited visitors to the property.

As you can see, there are many advantages to choosing aluminum for your fencing needs. Affordable, long-lasting, attractive and strong—now you see why this metal has been such a popular option for fencing.

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