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Creating an oasis in your yard with beautiful landscaping is great, but you likely don’t want to share that oasis with wild animals. Aluminum can help!

Deer are beautiful creatures. They frolic and jump and go wherever they please. Even though they are lovely, if you are a property owner, you likely don’t want them to traipse through your yard every other day. They can ruin flowerbeds, scare pets and they can generally be a nuisance.

Fencing and driveway gates in aluminum can help keep your property free of deer as well as other wild animals. This type of fencing can also keep out unsavory characters who may intend to harm your property.

The Security of Aluminum Fencing and Gates

Purchasing fencing and driveway gates in aluminum means peace of mind for homeowners. The sturdiness of the aluminum panels and gates paired with the longevity of this metal creates the best solution for a secure home and property.

Keeping deer and other uninvited critters out of your property means having a yard secured with the right fence and entry gates. Aluminum fencing comes in many different sizes, styles, and designs, some of which are ideal for keeping deer out.

Large Aluminum Fence

Height and Style

Choosing the right height for your fence is the first step in keeping deer off of your property. They can jump higher than you might think, so getting a fence that is six feet or higher is your best option. Don’t forget about your driveway and entry gates; deer will find the best place to jump over onto your property, so you want to minimize their options.

The style of fence you choose will also help. There are various ornamental and practical options for the top and bottom sections of the fencing and gate panels. Choosing something that may deter critters, such as puppy panels at the bottom or spears at the top, can help keep everyone and everything on the property secure.

Empty Spaces

Deer get scared very easily. If they hear a noise or see something moving, they will likely run in the other direction. Similarly, if they don’t have a good sightline in all directions, they will likely place themselves elsewhere. This comes in handy when designing aluminum fencing and gates.

With your fencing and driveway gates in aluminum, you can choose how much empty space you want between the pickets. The smaller the space, the less deer will be able to see through to your property. If they can’t see much, they are unlikely to attempt to jump into the yard since they can’t see any potential dangers.

If you would rather have more empty space between pickets so you can enjoy the outdoors and the nature around you, don’t worry. Having a tall aluminum fence and gate should be enough of a deterrent to keep deer happily on the other side of the property line.

The strength of aluminum is sufficient to keep wild animals like deer safely off of your property. Another great advantage of aluminum fencing is that you can install it yourself! With an easy ordering process, DIY installation, and a safe and secure property, it is no wonder so many homeowners are choosing aluminum for their fencing and driveway gate needs.

Large Estate Gate with Bronco Inlay