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The parts of a fence all serve a very important purpose. They can also all be customized to fit your wants and needs for your property.

Let’s say you are trying to construct a fence from scratch. You will need a lot of pickets, both horizontal and vertical, but have you given much thought to the rest of the design and mechanics of a well-thought-out fence? Take a look at aluminum panel fences if you’re seeking a brilliant design that makes installation a breeze while creating an incredibly sturdy, strong, and long-lasting fencing solution for any property type.

Panel Fencing

Not all fences are created equal. There are various fencing materials that can be used to create a secure perimeter around a property. However, not all of these materials are as high-quality or strong as aluminum metal fencing. You see, aluminum fences come in a clever panel design that allows multiple panels to be attached together to create whatever uniquely shaped fence you need.

These panels are made of a standard size needed to make the installation easy enough to carry out as a do-it-yourself home improvement project while still creating a secure perimeter. When you order aluminum fencing online, you will have the opportunity to choose the exact size that you need for your panels. Whatever you order will be sent to your property ready for an installation process that can be done by you in your own time. Since the fence is broken up into multiple panels, the process will be much more manageable.

Picking the Pickets

Coming in panel form is very helpful for installation as well as helping your fence look good. But there is one element that is very important to consider when you are designing your fence. The vertical pickets on your fence are all attached by a few horizontal bars. There is a standard set size for the vertical pickets, but you can customize these to whatever works best for you and the fence you have in mind.

The amount of space between each picket will determine how much can be seen by passersby. If you are hoping to create a more private space, you can choose to have less space between pickets or choose privacy panels. This can also help with noise as well as keeping small pets inside the yard. There are also various decorative options for the tops of your fence that you will choose during the ordering process.

The All-Important Post

Now you have a bunch of panels made of even more pickets, but how do you get them to stand up straight? This is where the all-important post comes in. These strong parts of an aluminum fence are placed between each panel. This is the part that is dug into the ground and holds up the entire fence. The panels will be attached to the posts on either end. Erecting a fence in this way allows you to work with any unique or slanted outdoor space.

Whatever size and design you choose for your pickets, panels, and posts, you will be pleased to know that there’s a protective powder coating on the outside of all the pieces of aluminum fences. This will keep your finished fence looking great season after season.